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17th Annual International Reedy Offroad Race of Champions

It’s a new year and a new time for our favorite RC race events to take place again. On of the best and most prestigious events in the history of RC Racing is coming back for the 17th time. It’s the 17th Annual International Reedy Offroad Race of Champions in La Mirada, California at the West Coast RC Raceway.The Race will take place from 1/27/11 – 1/29/11.

32 of the worlds top drivers will be racing in the Invitational class in a format that was created by the legend Mike Reedy to provide the most exciting racing possible. I know that the guys from Team Associated will be there ready to race with some of the best in the world. Along with the Invitational class we will have the 2wd Open class and 4wd Open class. The cool thing about that is that those other classes are open to ALL Drivers regardless of ability.

I’ll keep you posted on the results!

One thought on “17th Annual International Reedy Offroad Race of Champions

  1. Kenneth J says:

    I love this place, I go weekly, great people and a great environment!!!! This should be a wonderful event, although to be honest, they recently expanded the track, it will be interesting to see how crowded it gets in their, although their is more room in their with both tracks than it is a OCRC.

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