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RC Nightmare Community Blog

3 Advantages Of Running Stock Equipment

If you like to spend a little time at the track like I do you will notice two distinct categories of vehicles.  You have people racing either stock or modified vehicles. Stock basically means exactly what it sounds like, everything is as it was from the factory.  There is also a different kind of stock you may have heard of and that is “stock spec” and this is basically aftermarket parts the still qualify as stock equipment.    There are a lot of reasons to run stock parts in your RC truck or car but I am going to give you three reasons you cannot ignore.


Price sure is an obvious plus when it comes to owning a fully functional RC car or truck.  Many people who run stock equipment even go with a “ready to run” model.  This means you can get into most short course 2WD trucks and buggy’s for under $300.  Now if you choose to run stock equipment in a build, you are not saving too much money.  In fact some of my experience with buying stock spec parts in the performance lines is actually quite expensive.


When were talking about parts we are mostly talking about availability.  If you are running a stock setup, when things break most often the parts are available in most local hobby stores.  (especially the ones that have their own RC track)  When you run stock parts you are going to find a much easier and much more affordable path when it comes to replacing things when you are in a bind.

It also does one more thing, it simplifies the decision making process which for most people who are new to the RC hobby is an amazing thing.  Just think, you can choose from loads of different turn options on motors, not to mention brands and grades.  At least when you decide you are going to run stock equipment it makes the decision a little easier to make because you don’t have to consider a million options.


Fun, yes Fun!  If you decide you want to get into racing, even if just for fun you will typically find a lot more people racing in the stock classes.  To me, it is a lot more fun with a full track of competition and you are going to find that when you race stock.  In addition to that, you also get right down to pure skill in the race.  It isn’t necessarily about who spent the most money, everyone has the same equipment and it becomes about driving skill and tuning ability two of the most fun parts of RC for a lot of people myself included.

So there you have it, 3 solid reason to be rocking in the stock class.  Sure running in the modified class is super fun too but the level of competition in the stock class is really appealing for all the reasons mentioned above.

There are a lot of reasons to run stock parts in your RC truck or car but I am going to give you three reasons you cannot ignore.

6 thoughts on “3 Advantages Of Running Stock Equipment

  1. MIke says:

    I agree, I just took up racing again after about 10 years with no place to run the cars I had. I’m still going to run my old cars. Some of them are almost 20 years old now, but I found with new batteries they still are a blast to drive. I hope I can find parts when they break.

  2. jeremy says:

    :) oh yea man, I hope mine run forever, maybe I should stock up on replacement parts now. :)

  3. Jon says:

    I know the feeling, my rc10gt is like 10 years old but it still is a blast on and off the track.

  4. Matt says:

    I just got into the hobby, I would like to get my skills up to race level and check that out. (Still smashin into mailboxes and curbs right now)

  5. Alex Searle says:

    I have always gone by the idea that racing costs money. However new stock classes are great for costs, you still need to spend money. Even in a stock class, if the guy next to you is running some sort of new tire pattern (legal tire spec of course) and gaining 1/10 second on his lap time than you, you sort of fall into the “I need those!”. More ka-ching. Play with your stock model, when it breaks, upgrade it with a better part. That way, you save money in the long run. Remember, stay stock and you won’t ever be mocked. :p

  6. Chandler Cowser says:

    My buddies and I that do some parking lot racing at our local hobby town have a hard time keeping up with the rustler with the os .21 installed, yet he still races in our class :( I wonder who would win if we were all racing stock.

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