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RC Nightmare Community Blog

AE Exchange Programs – LRP Exchange Program Ending Soon!

Team Associated, Reedy, and LRP do something really cool and that is they let RC drivers and hobbyists like us exchange our stuff for upgrades at a sweet discount or free of charge. I will tell you about a couple of them, starting with one that is ending soon!

If any of you know about the LRPSXX Stock Spec V.2 Exchange Program, took advantage of it or want to, this is your warning that it is ending soon, unfortunately! If you aren’t sure whether you would like to take advantage of it, here are some of the basics of the program.

Basically, the exchange program allows anyone in North America to exchange an SXX Stock Spec (LRP80910) for a SXX Stock Spec V.2 (LRP80915) FREE OF CHARGE. Yes, for free! They do this so that everyone can get a chance to save some money and upgrade their equipment. That’s pretty awesome.

Here are the terms of the exchange program:

Terms of the Exchange Program:

  • Must include an original SXX Stock Spec (LRP80910) new, used, working, or not working.
  • Use only a shipper providing a tracking service* (UPS or FedEx).
  • Program offered through June 15, 2011.
  • Only valid for customers in North America.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for return shipping from Associated.

But don’t fret boys and girls – there are three other awesome exchange programs offered by the companies.

Program 1 we have talked about in a previous post and that is the LRP Speed Control Exchange Program. This one allows you to exchange any old, worn‐out or broken electronic speed control, of any brand and receive a NEW in the package LRP Sphere
Competition TC‐Spec or SPX Zero brushless speed control for a discounted price. Check out that post for pricing info.

The next one is from Reedy. It allows you to replace your old or worn out Reedy engine for a new Reedy engine at a discounted price. Basically, you pay half the current MSRP for the new engine. Check out the details of the Reedy Exchange Program here.

And lastly from Team Associated is the Nitro Engine Replacement Program. Replace your old Team Associated engine for a new Team Associated engine at a discounted price. Just like the Reedy engine exchange program, you will pay half the current
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for a new AE engine.

I don’t know of other companies that do this but if you do comment below. But once again, if you want to participate in the LRPSXX Stock Spec V.2 Exchange Program, you have to do it by July 15th. I’ll keep you updated on any changes to the other programs.

Happy Racing!


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