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RC Nightmare Community Blog

AE Factory Team RC10R5 Kit Is Back

Here is some RC news for you: Team Associated has announced that their Factory Team RC10R5 Kit is back for a limited time. The RC10R5 was introduced by Team Associated in 2008 into the fast-growing 1:10 scale World GT onroad racing class. When this RC was designed, it was based off of  the highly successful 1:12 scale Factory Team RC12R5 platform. In fact, this car uses 90% of the same parts as the RC12R5. The designers built this bigger RC10R5 on a 2.5mm woven carbon fiber chassis that utilizes a pivot-ball link rear suspension that allows for independent adjustments for chassis roll, bump and alignment.

Here are some of the other features:

Factory Team RC10R5

  • Designed to fit World GT racing class specs
  • Wide rear pod is balance-optimized for brushless motors and features Factory Team blue aluminum machined motor mount and left bulkhead
  • Factory Team pivot ball-link chassis allows for independent adjustment for roll, bump, and alignment
  • The pivot ball-link chassis has proven to be more durable in high speed impacts and better in bumpy track conditions
  • Factory Team shocks feature a through-shaft design, making for equal damping with no rebound in both directions
  • Updated active strut front end features symmetric components with adjustable caster and track width, as well as a new front axle with wheel nut
  • Woven carbon fiber center shock tower allows for incremental adjustments of rear spring rate
  • 2.5mm woven carbon fiber chassis
  • Full ball bearing
  • Ball differential
  • Foam front bumper helps protect body and chassis during impact
  • Servo mounts flat for a lower CG and includes Ackermann adjustment spacers

This model was discontinued by Team Associated apparently due to lack of sales from what I have heard and browsing through a few forums, there were people that were upset about that. It seems as though the 10th pan cars were making a come back and people that had raced in that class in the past were really happy about the RC10R5 and I think it was a shock that is was discontinued so soon after it came out.

Associated does have a RC10R5-Oval Factory Team Kit that came out in 2009 as their addition to the fast and intense on-road oval circuit and has a few differences (I don’t know if you can call them updates).

But, those fans will be happy to hear that Team Associated has brought back the RC10R5 for a limited time! They aren’t saying how limited it is – they say there are only a limited quantity out there so if you want a new one, I would get moving. I wish I knew the reason they are bringing it back for a limited time but I guess they’re giving it a go again to see if the market is ready this time.

Check it out, let us know what you think of it below or in our RC Nightmare Forum!


One thought on “AE Factory Team RC10R5 Kit Is Back

  1. dizzyinzo says:

    i actually looked into getting this before i got the 1/12 version and i have to say that both cars are very impressive and that ur right the 1/10 uses like 95% of the same parts so even tho they stoped making this car you can still buy the partz for it

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