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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Another Win for Team Associated – EBOR24

The 2nd annual York Off Road Car Club’s ‘EBOR24′ took place in York, England on December 4th and 5th. This is a  24 hour electric buggy endurance race. Sounds  pretty exciting (or tiring) to me! The HPI team was crowned champion in previous EBOR24 event, but this year, the results were different. Team Associated came through with the win! We will never know if the results would be different if the HPI guys weren’t snowed in…anyway, here are some of the details.

Luckily this race is split into Teams with the ability to split up the time between drivers. The 7 teams took to the track – YORK fare – with lots of polished wood floors and some interesting jumps and bumps for a bit more of a challenge. The race began at 2pm on Saturday and ended at 2pm on Sunday. And I’m pretty sure they had to have gotten there early to set up and practice. I hope they stayed in the night before.

Interestingly, the teams could choose any electric buggy that they wanted – 2WD or 4WD. Only 2 of the teams opted for a 2WD buggy, probably thinking that it would easier on the batteries and less moving parts to go wrong, but there is always an advantage to 4WD on the slippy York floors. Team Associated chose their 4WD Associated B44 RC.

The Winning Team

Right after the race got underway, Team Associated took the lead. 20 minutes in (which really seems like nothing at this point) and the top three were – Associated, Schumacher and York-A, all on 53 laps. Tekin-Rango were falling back on the leaders a little with 51 laps at the 20 minute mark. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to go through every hour for you. I have a life..sometimes. But I’ll highlight some of the key moments.

Team Associated and Team Schumacher fought back and forth for the lead and it did not help when the Associated Buggy cut out

This Would Be Me

on them a few times for no apparent reason. Five and a half hours into the racing and Team Associated who’d been catching up for a while were suddenly right up on Team Schumacher. The Schumacher team felt the pressure and managed to maintain a gap of around 1 lap for a while but their lead was slowly ebbing away. 10 minutes later the Associated team finally overtook on the track for the lead. 9 Hours in and Team Associated slowly built their lead over the once-leaders Team Schumacher. And by half race distance – Team Associated were pulling a nice little lead over the Schumacher team who were 46 laps down by 2am.

With 1 hour to go there wasn’t going to be any more position changes. Well, theoretically the Schumacher team could pass  Associated if the latter broke. By rough calculations Team Schumacher could make up the deficit in laps in 59 minutes.  But…that didn’t happen. Instead it was Team Schumacher that looked to have terminal failure. Epic Fail.

So in the end, Team Associated stayed awake and took the victory with their team of superstar drivers, fast pit stops, and determination. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Standings after 24 hours

1 Team Associated 3875/23h59m 49.98
2 Team Schumacher -138/ 24h 11.78
3 Tekin-Rango -327/ 24h 13.21
4 York B -448/ 24h 21.44
5 Team Ross Mods -889/ 24h 6.37
6 York A -1017/ 20h54m 57.03
7 Team Shambles -1256/ 24h 24.91

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