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Carpet Racers A Crash Course DVD Now Available

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Great News Everyone,

As a part of my new podcast project I just had a chance to interview the Director of a little known RC documentary called Carpet Racers: A crash course. The man but hundreds and hundreds of hours together filming all over the nation to put together what I think is a really interesting film. The key point, at least how I see it is not to necessarily expect it to be an “RC Movie” rather, a great insight into the Hobby in general, all the hard work and dedication that goes into it as well as a lot of the struggles we all face. (more…)

RC Show Episode 2

Yes kiddies!

We have decided to run a second episode of the RC NightMare “RC Show”. This time around we will be spending a little more time on Q&A, we have fixed the spammers, and even upgraded to HD streams. We will maybe, be giving away a few more items but we don’t really want to focus on it, our loyal fans have asked for the show to be more technical and that is just what we will try to do. If you have any questions or topic ideas, post them up down below and we will try to fit them in. If We can keep thing steady I will try to get Brandon online for a third. Also, please do us a favor and make sure you RSVP to the event at the link below. Just click “attending” if you are, and if you have RC friends, have them do it too.


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Traxxas Summit-Dominates As A Basher But Needs More

So the team here at RC Nightmare has finally had enough with the Traxxas Summit. We don’t mean to say we hate it, just that we have finally decided to part our separateĀ ways from an acute case of, we’ve done all we can do! To be honest there were a lot of things we did to it, things that I thought would change my perspective of the truck , or give it that long term position in our permanent RC garage but alas after many of upgrade its still basically the same truck.What we mean to say is sure, putting in a Mamba Monster made it a little different, it got places faster, it had a little more torque but for the most part it fit the same need and thus it must be on its way to ebay.

Upgrades We Tried Out:

So we didn’t go totally crazy with the upgrades and such but we did do some of the standard stuff. First we picked up a couple of different sets of tires for the Summit but honestly, we had the most fun with the tires originally on the thing, or similar tread patterns. We went for first racers, and then street tires, mudders, etc. The different types of tires did in fact provide a little more fun but larger were more a functional thing.