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Steering Dual Rate

What is steering dual rate? As the name implies it has something to do with rate of your steering! Also, ‘dual’ for two???

Many, if not all, radios these days come with a ton of features. One of those is Dual Rate (DR). The term dual rate is a little misleading. I’ve not seen a car/ truck radio where there are two (dual) steering rates. The control for the DR is of the knob variety (potentiometer) meaning you have a ‘range’ of steering rates. By varying the knob position (like the volume on a radio radio) you change the rate and affect the truck’s steering. This steering rate affects both left and right steering. (more…)

LiPo Battery Info: C Rate

In the last post we covered how RC lipo batteries are configured with the #s#p convention. Basically #s is for the number of cells in series and #p is for the number of cells in parallel. The more cells in series the higher the voltage. The more cells in parallel the higher the milliampere-hour (mAh). This post will take a look at the C rating that batteries come with.

In the picture we can see C being referenced in a few places – charge rate, discharge rate, and max burst rate. So, what is C? (more…)

LiPo Battery Info: Configuration

Ever wonder what all those numbers on your LiPo battery mean? Most battery packs have the same type of information but what does it all represent? In this series we will look at the information presented on the battery pack and explain what they mean.

Let’s start with the battery configuration. (more…)

Balance Lipos

If you’ve owned a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery you will have noticed a small connector on the battery pack in addition to the traditional positive and negative leads. What is it and how do you use it?