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Slash 4×4 is Easier to Disassemble

So I did some upgrades to the Traxxas Slash 4×4 the other day – replacing the stock a-arms and upgrading rear bearing carriers to some RPM parts – and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy a process it was. (more…)

Cheap Fix: Broken Support Arm

When it comes to my bashing truck I just want to have fun with it. Sometimes though I can have a bit too much fun and end up breaking something. Being a bashing truck, I‘m not too worried about tip top performance so when things break I try to save a few bucks if I can by patching the broken part.


Proper Gear Mesh

Whether you run nitro or electric all that power from your engine/ motor needs to make its way down to the wheels. Gears form the transmission that accomplishes this task and having them properly meshed or set up can affect the performance of your truck.


Standard Connectors For The Win!

This past weekend we spent some quality time ‘testing’ our short course trucks :) . It was a blast doing the drag races and jumps but our fun was cut short when one of the trucks ESC’s blew up :( .

When you have 7 trucks in stock condition it becomes some kind of task to coordinate between what radios belong to what truck and what the driving style of that particular truck is like. To add another complication to the whole thing, the trucks used 4 different types of battery connectors! Now, since our stock of batteries were of the venom type that come with adaptors for the different connectors we kept the trucks battery connector stock and swapped out the adaptors when it came to juicing up a different truck. (more…)