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Associated V2 Big Bore Spring Conversion

These days, big bore shocks are all the rage when it comes to dialing your suspension.  Paul Sinclair, of X Factory RC, came up with an interesting solution for having all the benefits of big bore springs without the added weight of big bore shock bodies. He claims that using big bore springs on a standard size shock body is the best overall setup for shock performance. The idea is that big bore springs can be placed on smaller bore shocks in order to prevent scraping. Scraping is a very common issue when it comes to standard size shocks, which can result in an inconsistent feel. Smaller springs buckle as they compress which can allow them to actually touch the shock bodies and cause friction. Because big bore springs have a much larger diameter, they are much less prone to scape than their smaller counterparts. I can personally vouch for this method as I have been very impressed with my t4.1’s handling after doing this simple mod. My shocks feel very smooth. (more…)

Is RC Rally The Next Big Thing

A class that could be rallying its way to the top

If you’ve been reading around at all lately, you probably noticed that the RC rally scene is growing really fast. With the release of the new Traxxas 1/10 Rally, I think that it’s safe to say that rally is here to stay for a while. Will rally ever be as popular as short course? Probably not. But I think that it presents some really interesting opportunities for RC racing and bashing.

First off, RC rally racing has a lot of potential. It’s definitely one of the most stellar full size racing styles in my opinion. I think that the terrain required to have a really awesome rally course is much easier to create than the ‘super cross’ style that most off road tracks require. All you really need is some gravel or loose dust, some pipes for the lanes, and maybe some gradual dirt mounds for modest jumps that the rallys can handle. This might make it easier and more plausible for hobby shops to make tracks due to shear simplicity.  I could also see rally racing classes taking over parking lot racing. Why not drop in some simple wooden jumps for the rally guys right after mod touring? I could see those touring guys getting jealous of that rally class airtime. The possibilities for a rally racing class are endless. (more…)

What’s your RC story


I was flying over mounds of snow and patches of grass, wide open and testing the C rating of my lithium polymer pack, when it all went wrong!We all have horror stories, stories that involve carnage, yard sales, etc! We’ve seen the videos and read the highly exaggerated stories on the forums.


I love hearing these RC stories. The hobby that we have is just incredible isn’t it? There is something about an RC car careening across a parking lot, jumping sky high, or climbing a tree ending with a sick backflip that has the ability to make just about anyone smile. In fact, I think that this is the one thing that attracts me to the hobby the most. These simple thrills are an escape from the rest of the world. When my finger grabs the throttle of my pistol grip radio, I’m truly catapulted with my RC car over a jump that clears the gap between the stresses of engineering school and simple, pure fun. (more…)