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Traxxas Now Shipping Castle Systems To Fix Spartan OverHeat

Well guys, I think you all remember how we didn’t have any issues with our Traxxas Spartan RC Boat overheating. We even went on video to tell you all that, and to this date we never did have an issue with it. However, we did have a water proof issue with it, one causing the esc to burst into flames after just ten or so packs. From what we can tell, it was some sort of short circuit in the esc. That said, its off to Traxxas to be repaired free of charge so were fine with that. (more…)

Free RC Nightmare Shirts Finally Shipped

Yes, the first set of 10 free RC Nightmare Shirts have shipped to those who reached 100 posts in the Forum.  Keep an eye out, some of them had to ship to your forum usernames.


3 Signs You Are Dealing With an RC Jerk

When I originally decided to write this article I wanted to use a little stronger word for the RC person we are referring to, instead of jerk, think feminine hygiene product, or any of the guys on that horrible show Jersey Shore. However taking some advice from a much nicer man up in America’s Hat (Canada) I remembered that people of all ages read our blog and I thought I would keep it rated G.

We all know the type or at least have heard of run ins with this elusive beast. Below, more as a public service announcement than anything I decided to layout 3 easy signs you might be dealing with an RC Jerk. RC Jerks are found in all areas of remote controlled hobbies. They race electric, run nitro RC’s, they fly planes, they crawl rocks, they drive boats. They spend a lot of time in RC forums letting people know how superior they are in every way. (more…)

Opinions In RC Can Be Expensive & Are Often Wrong

Opinions In RC Can Be Expensive & Are Often Wrong

There is an old saying, opinions are like buttholes (cleaned up for our younger readers) everyone has one and they all stink. I have been around a lot of opinionated people and those in the Remote Control hobby, whether it’s Electric Trucks & Cars, Nitro, Planes, or whatever, people’s passion borders on what I am used to seeing when people talk about politics. It is important that you, as quickly as possible anyway learn to trust your own gut, and learn to cut through the opinions to get to the facts. Let me give you an example from when I was first starting out which wasn’t that long ago. (more…)