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Traxxas Monster Jam Release Should Not Let You Down

It seems like everyone is talking about the new Traxxas release of the Monster Jam series and hardly any of it is good.  A brief look around the forums these days and they are filled with flat out Traxxas hate.  Now I haven’t been in the game long enough to really get too mad about all the Traxxas re-releases.  Just so you know I am no Traxxas “fan boy”, and certainly no Traxxas hater my garage carries everything including Traxxas, Axial, Team Associated, Losi, and much more. (more…)

Free RC Nightmare T-Shirts


We have grown so much over the past three months, our forum has exploded, our blog is one of the top read RC blogs on the net, and we just uploaded our 100th video to youtube!  In honor of the number 100, we are going to be giving away free RC Nightmare T-shirts to anyone who reaches 100 posts in our forum.  This is intended to thank our loyal forum posters.  In addition we will be rolling out a new promotion for 500!  I think it will be Hoodies, well you let me know what you want loyal members of RC Nightmare, and remember to keep posting in the forum, get your friends over here because we simply love you more than anyone else.

Our Forum: http://www.rcnightmare.com/forum

RC Nightmare Has A Twitter & Facebook

Hey Everyone,

Great News we now have expanded into the interwebs, giving you more ways to keep up on whats new here! (more…)

Traxxas Slash Bodies Our Top 3

As proud Traxxas Slash owners we love to rock custom bodies.  We have had just about everything but there are just a few that make our top 3 list.  Besides custom painting the unique lexan body is one sure way to make sure your Slash pops out at the track.  With many manufacturers of Traxxas Slash bodies there a lot of options out there but we say there are three slash bodies you should always consider.