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Big RC Race Event Dates for 2011

Hey guys. I thought I would keep you updated on the dates of some of the major race events coming up in 2011. Here is a listing of a few.

2011 ROAR National Race Events:

Electric On Road Carpet Nationals
March 24 – March 27, 2011
Timezone II, LaCenter, WA

Fuel Off Road 8th Scale Nationals
June 2 – June 5, 2011
Thunder Alley RC Raceway, Beaumont, CA

Electric On Road Paved Nationals
July 28 – July 31, 2011
Jackson R/C Racing Assoc., Jackson, NJ

Electric Off Road 10th Scale Nationals
August 11 – August 14, 2011
Nor-Cal Hobbies, Union City, CA

Electric Off Road 8th Scale Nationals
September 8 – September 11, 2011
Hobbytown Hobbyplex Raceway, Omaha, NE

Fuel On Road Nationals
September 22 – September 25, 2011
Control Freakz, Chaplin, CT

2011 IFMAR World Champtionship Events:

IFMAR World Championships 1:8 IC Track
April 7-17, 2011
Homestead, Florida USA

IFMAR World Championships 1:10 Electric Buggy
July 16-24, 2011
Vaasa, Finland

Stay up to date with our blog here at RCNightmare.com for more event updates!!

3 thoughts on “Big RC Race Event Dates for 2011

  1. Bigmooi says:

    I really wish there were more races that I could actually make it too. It seems that no one really races in the Upper Mid states I think there are some in IL but I am not sure kinda sad.

  2. Kelley says:

    Dewey Raceway Presents, 1st annual 1/10 off-road carpet madness Trophy Race. May 28th 2011. In Nampa, Idaho located inside the historical Karcher Mall in Nampa. Enjoy shopping, Restaurants, Movies & More ! Trophies Awarded Top 3 in each class.
    Contact info: Team Dewey’s 1509 Caldwell blvd. Nampa, ID. 83651 # 1225 Phone: (208) 461-5028

    Pass on the word !
    Full Hobby Store & Raceway ” ADA Accessible “

  3. News says:

    Thanks for the info Kelley!

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