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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Blitz 4X4 Or SC10 4X4 Not This Christmas

It seems like everyone in the short course world has been clamoring for a 4X4 model of their favorite HPI Blitz or Team Associated SC10 short course trucks.  A quick look at most forums will show the same sort of questions being asked over and over again.  People always hoping someone has heard something about HPI or Team Associated releasing a 4X4 model of their short course trucks.  The trouble is nobody really knows for sure.

As November turns to December, and visions of sugar plums and 4X4 power dance in our heads its time to finally come to terms with the fact that we will continue to wait.  Team Associated continues to have an amazing 2WD short course truck and HPI’s Blitz 2WD is still close to the heart of many racers but bashers demand the 4X4 power in their 1/10 scale short course trucks.

If you want 4X4 power and control in your 1/10 scale short course truck you have precious few options, the good news is they are all pretty awesome.

Traxxas Slash 4X4: Easily the most popular among bashers due to its amazing durability and great value.  You get a lot of truck for under $400.00 should you choose to run with Traxxas. This thing is about the strongest truck available in any class and provides unlimited fun.

Ofna Jammin SCRT10 4X4: Typically regarded as the top in the class of 4X4 short course trucks and personally after seeing them on the track they absolutely own.  The only trouble is part support of you rely on your local hobby shop and a pretty pricey entry point.  Almost double what it would cost to get into the Traxxas.  You can only pick this one up in a rolling chassis.

OFNA Hyper10SC 4X4: A great alternative to the Slash 4X4 and carries an amazing price below $300.00 and is ready to run.  Like with the parts above OFNA replacement parts can be tough to find in terms of a local hobby shop but in the short course modified class this truck is a popular choice.  We don’t find it as good a basher as the slash but still is a formidable truck.

If you’re dreaming for a sweet 4X4 this Christmas you’ll have to stick to the list above.  All three are amazing trucks, and perhaps next year you will get your wish of the Blitz or SC10 in a 4X4.  There certainly are some cool options in other size classes and in the nitro motors but with electric short course trucks taking the world by storm we expect the major players to step up soon.

One thought on “Blitz 4X4 Or SC10 4X4 Not This Christmas

  1. Scott says:

    I have the Slash 4×4 and love it. Very durable, and am working on tweaking it to be a formidable racer.

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