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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Blitz ESE: Installing Electronics

The brushless Novak Kinetic ESC for my Blitz ESE has arrived and it is time to get it installed! I’ve paired the Ballistic 17.5T motor along with the Kinetic ESC. Eventually I want to run a 2.4 GHz radio system but until I have enough funds for a nice radio I will be using the stock HPI TF-1 radio system. Novak does not recommend running an AM radio system with the Kinetic due to RF interference but that’s what it will have to be for now. The servo used is a spare Traxxas 2075 servo which was installed when the steering linkages were assembled.

Receiver and Servo
The first thing I do is feed the radio receiver’s antenna through the antenna tube then mount tube. Next, I mount the receiver unit to the chassis near the antenna tube with some double sided tape. Plug the servo into channel one on the receiver. That’s it for the receiver and servo! (the servo was hooked up to the receiver to find it’s neutral point before attaching the steering linkage)

Solder Deans
The Kinetic comes with pre-tinned wires so you will have to attach them to battery/motor connectors of your choice. I like Deans Ultra Plugs for their ease of use and low resistance and so will be using them for the battery connection. The motor power wires will be soldered on directly to the motor.

The motor is attached to the motor mount located under the gearbox cover. Slide in the Ballistic motor in place and tighten couple cap screws. Be sure that the solder tabs on the motor are facing in a direction that can give you access to solder them later. You may solder the ESC wires to them before hand but I’m going to be running the wires through the shock tower so will solder them later.

The ESC is installed with some double sided tape on the motor side of the chassis. I’ve tried to put it in a spot that will keep the power wires as far from the receiver unit as possible to limit the effects of RF interference. I also choose to run the motor wires through the shock towers to prevent them from get caught into anything unexpectedly. On second thought, I’m will run the cables outside the shock tower and attach to the shock tower with zip ties.  This way, in case I need to remove the ESC and motor it will be a trivial task.

The battery tray for the blitz is located in the center of the chassis so HPI have included a channel to run the ESC lead under the battery. I apply some electrical tape over this channel to keep the lead from getting caught when the battery in installed.

All that’s left is to install the battery and take the truck for a test drive!

9 thoughts on “Blitz ESE: Installing Electronics

  1. thesctracer says:

    did u die the plastic on the blitz

  2. jeremy says:

    no its stock…for now..

  3. Allan says:

    Nah, completely stock. I really like the white so that’s the way it’ll stay! :)

  4. Eli says:

    Then finally a very good writing about the subject, keep up the good work and thus I hope to read more from you in the long run.

  5. Allan says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! I love this hobby so its great to be able to help out with my experiences.

  6. caseycar5 says:

    is the threaded shocks good on the ese

  7. jeremy says:

    for sure, we really love em.

  8. Allan says:

    the shocks are great. haven’t popped a cap yet either.

  9. bass_sniper says:

    what gearing are you running on this Balistic 17.5?

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