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Carpet Racers A Crash Course DVD Now Available

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Great News Everyone,

As a part of my new podcast project I just had a chance to interview the Director of a little known RC documentary called Carpet Racers: A crash course. The man but hundreds and hundreds of hours together filming all over the nation to put together what I think is a really interesting film. The key point, at least how I see it is not to necessarily expect it to be an “RC Movie” rather, a great insight into the Hobby in general, all the hard work and dedication that goes into it as well as a lot of the struggles we all face.

I just watched it again the other night in preparation for the interview and remembered how fun of a movie it was, it not only shows an interesting take on the lesser known group of “carpet racers” but it also does an amazing job telling a really fun story. They sent us just a few copies to sell and we are one of less than 10 places nationwide that I know of that has made the DVD available.

We have just 30 copies right now but I launched the new store section just for this. My suggestion is, if you like RC, or like documentaries in general this is a great film. I had a lot of fun watching it and whether its for your own collection or a gift for a friend or family member this DVD delivers exactly what it promises, a fun look and the trials and tribulations we all face as individuals as well as together as a Hobby. Here is check out the trailer and then score your copy in our store today before we run out, Im keeping one for myself, that’s for sure.

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One thought on “Carpet Racers A Crash Course DVD Now Available

  1. Jamie Murray says:


    I am looking to contact Brandon or Jermey directly about a project I am working on. If you could forward this comment along to them or possibly email me one of their emails I would be greatly appreciative.


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