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That “Guy” At The Track

Any R/C enthusiast who races regularly knows who I’m talking about, the rare breed of R/C racer who just drives you insane. I am relatively new to the racing scene, but not by any means am I new to the hobby. I recently started racing with my schools R/C club at a local track. Racing is a blast and for me is a culmination of all things good about the hobby. Picture the novice racer at his first race night experiencing some of the things I see too often at the track.

A track regular (we’ll call him “Racer X”) with an ego the size of the track itself, is standing front and center atop the drivers stand as a race begins. The race gets underway and the first sign of trouble involves Racer X. A string of negative commentary rains down from the drivers stand as the marshal frantically work to right the cars. As his car is tended to last, another barrage of choice words comes from above, this time directed at the marshal. Things proceed relatively smoothly after the first incident until Racer X comes up on some lap traffic. Yelling out leader as he whips around other slower drivers, Racer X is unintentionally blocked by another driver. The driver that blocked Racer X hears about it both the moment it happens and then again after the race.

In my short racing experience I have seen far too much of “Racer X” for my liking. I can see how a novice racer could go to the track for the first time and be on the receiving end of some negative comments and be turned off of racing for good. When I see things like this happen it really bums me out. One of the most detrimental things we can do for the health of the hobby is to discourage people from racing and participating in organized events.

Let’s be honest here, whether we like it or not, we’re all adults playing with toy cars. Therefore we should act like adults and play nice with each other. The racing scene should be one of respect and good natured competition, and almost everyone who is involved in the racing scene recognizes and follows those principles, showing respect and acceptance to everyone, even newcomers. It’s the few people who seem to think they can play by a different set of rules that can be very harmful to the hobby. People who are just entering into R/C or just trying racing for the first time are just as valuable to the hobby and to the atmosphere of the track as the guy with 20 years of experience. So don’t be intimidated by the Racer X at your local track, go out and enjoy the hobby! And for the love of R/C, don’t be “that guy”!

What’s your RC story


I was flying over mounds of snow and patches of grass, wide open and testing the C rating of my lithium polymer pack, when it all went wrong!We all have horror stories, stories that involve carnage, yard sales, etc! We’ve seen the videos and read the highly exaggerated stories on the forums.


I love hearing these RC stories. The hobby that we have is just incredible isn’t it? There is something about an RC car careening across a parking lot, jumping sky high, or climbing a tree ending with a sick backflip that has the ability to make just about anyone smile. In fact, I think that this is the one thing that attracts me to the hobby the most. These simple thrills are an escape from the rest of the world. When my finger grabs the throttle of my pistol grip radio, I’m truly catapulted with my RC car over a jump that clears the gap between the stresses of engineering school and simple, pure fun. (more…)

Traxxas Summit-Dominates As A Basher But Needs More

So the team here at RC Nightmare has finally had enough with the Traxxas Summit. We don’t mean to say we hate it, just that we have finally decided to part our separate ways from an acute case of, we’ve done all we can do! To be honest there were a lot of things we did to it, things that I thought would change my perspective of the truck , or give it that long term position in our permanent RC garage but alas after many of upgrade its still basically the same truck.What we mean to say is sure, putting in a Mamba Monster made it a little different, it got places faster, it had a little more torque but for the most part it fit the same need and thus it must be on its way to ebay.

Upgrades We Tried Out:

So we didn’t go totally crazy with the upgrades and such but we did do some of the standard stuff. First we picked up a couple of different sets of tires for the Summit but honestly, we had the most fun with the tires originally on the thing, or similar tread patterns. We went for first racers, and then street tires, mudders, etc. The different types of tires did in fact provide a little more fun but larger were more a functional thing.


A Reminder To Properly Charge Lipo Batteries

I always see people discussing the possibility of Lipo batteries exploding or catching fire. One of these discussions took place in our very own RC Nightmare Forum.  I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone in the RC hobby to charge your lipos safely and properly.

The other day I came across this:

Lesson #1 – Do not leave your lipo batteries unattended while charging!

The image above shows the effects of leaving your batteries unattended. A guy had left his lipo batteries charging on his workstation while he went to run a few errands. The place caught fire. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Lesson #2 – Always charge your lipos in a protective lipo sack.

Also, in order to properly charge your batteries, you should always have them charging in a protective Lipo Sack. These are designed to manage the effects of a Lithium-Polymer Battery charging mishap. You can find a variety of different ones online. If you want to be really safe, put them in the protective sack and charge them outside!

Lesson #3 – Make sure to let your lipo batteries cool before charging.

This lesson/tip is pretty self explanatory. Do not run your RC for hours and then immediately charge your battery. This can lead to a fire as well. Let them cool down to an ambient temperature before putting them on a charger.

Lesson #4 – Balance your Lipo batteries.

Use a charger that has a cell balancer and balance your batteries every time you charge them for proper care.

Just a reminder that the RC hobby is fun, but can be dangerous if you don’t take care of your equipment properly!! Questions or comments? Post them below or join the discussion in our RC Nightmare Forum!





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