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Traxxas Stampede 4×4 VXL Review

I’ve noticed a lot of people discussing the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 VXL or trying to find information on it in order to know whether they should buy it or not. We do already have an unboxing video of the Stampede VXL and a Stampede 4×4 VXL bashing video on our website here at, but I want to give you more of an in depth review on the electric monster truck itself and what we have learned about it.

So, a lot of people compare the Traxxas Slash 4×4 with this new Stampede VXL. Some say you can pretty much upgrade the Slash into a Stampede. The truth is, they are very similar. This Stampede is built on the proven performance of the advanced shaft-driven 4WD system and design of the Slash 4X4. If it ain’t broke, why fix it right? But you can change it to perform differently. The layout is very similar – Jeremy showed you that in the unboxing video. But, what if you dont want to upgrade your Slash, like some suggest rather than buying the new Stampede? We say, there are reasons to have both. If you watch the Traxxas Slash bashing video, and then watch the Stampede VXL bashing video, you can definitely see some differences in the way they bash, and I think that is a good thing. It brings variety to your RC’s. The Slash seems a little lighter with the way it jumps and moves whereas the Stampede is durable and can power through mud and snow. Both cool things to do with your RC.So we say its worth having both instead of just converting your Slash.

Some quick features in the Stampede VXL are as follows:

  • New chassis designed specifically for Stampede 4X4
  • Dual-bellcrank steering with integrated servo saver
  • Unique Shock Guards protect the suspension arms and shocks
  • New Heavy-Duty driveshafts
  • Velineon Brushless Power System
  • 4-Position Wheelie Bar
  • Revo-spec sealed, silicone-filled differentials
  • TQ 2.4GHz Transmitter and Receiver with Traxxas Link™
  • Waterproof Electronics
  • Digital high-torque steering waterproof servo
  • Rubber-sealed Ball Bearings

How fast can this thing go? Well, that depends on how fast you want it to do. Its got the proven Velineon Brushless power system and with enough upgrades, can get up to 60+ mph so this bad boy is fast too. Check out the chart below from Traxxas:

Beginners will want to stay in that first section and as you advance you can upgrade your parts like Jeremy to get up to those higher speeds. At level 5 with a 3s lipo, this monster will perform differently than the Slash. Even with that power in a Slash, you won’t make it through thick mud or long grass like you will be able to with the Stampede.

So…reliable? check. Durable? check. Fast? check. And the list goes on. All and all, this is a cool truck and we think its worth the investment.

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What’s An RC Club and Can I join?

Here’s one scenario that comes to mind when people think of clubs:

To Join or Not to Join...

“Hmmm. I’ve never been part of a club and it seems cliquey. I don’t think I’ll fit in. Plus, I’m better off on my own.”

And here’s the other scenario:

“A club that involves something I love to do?! Count me in! I’ll be leading it in no time.”

Okay, so those are the two extremes and there is definitely a middle ground to reasons people join clubs and how they feel about clubs in general. All clubs are different and in this post, I’m going to give you a little information about RC clubs, how to find them, and if you should join one.

So, what is an RC Club?

Well, as you probably assume, an RC club is a group of RC hobbyists or RC enthusiasts that get together and race together, discuss RC, and the like. Local clubs often have organized meets both for racing and just playing with your radio controlled electric and nitro cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats. Clubs and organizations devoted to radio controlled vehicles can be found at the local, national, and international level. Being a member of certain national organizations allows you access to resources you might not otherwise be able to use. For example, some US fields will not allow you to fly your RC airplane without AMA liability insurance coverage. (more…)

So You Want To Be An RCer?

Any RC enthusiast you talk to will tell you that this is a great hobby, maybe even the greatest. The truth is, it is a great hobby that takes work and the right attitude. If you think you are ready to take a ride into the world of RC, there are a few things you should know first.

It Takes Patience

Too many people get into hobbies thinking its going to be all fun and games from the minute you pick it up. I did that! I wanted to be on Team Associated the day after I bought my first RC haha! Obviously that dream has to come – I guess maybe they lost my phone #. But honestly, RC is a hobby that takes time and patience. You will not be good on your first day out. At least I’ve never seen anyone be just amazing their first day trying out an RC. But it will come with time and practice.

If you are going to do your own repair work and maintenance on your RC, it will take extra time, but can be well worth it. A lot of people end up loving this and it can become one of the most rewarding parts of the hobby. Our RC Maintenance Videos and RC Tutorial Videos will help a lot combined with time and patience. Once you begin maintaining and upgrading your RC, you will become familiar with the ins and outs and different parts of your car or truck. (more…)

3 Signs You Are Dealing With an RC Jerk

When I originally decided to write this article I wanted to use a little stronger word for the RC person we are referring to, instead of jerk, think feminine hygiene product, or any of the guys on that horrible show Jersey Shore. However taking some advice from a much nicer man up in America’s Hat (Canada) I remembered that people of all ages read our blog and I thought I would keep it rated G.

We all know the type or at least have heard of run ins with this elusive beast. Below, more as a public service announcement than anything I decided to layout 3 easy signs you might be dealing with an RC Jerk. RC Jerks are found in all areas of remote controlled hobbies. They race electric, run nitro RC’s, they fly planes, they crawl rocks, they drive boats. They spend a lot of time in RC forums letting people know how superior they are in every way. (more…)

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