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Is RC Rally The Next Big Thing

A class that could be rallying its way to the top

If you’ve been reading around at all lately, you probably noticed that the RC rally scene is growing really fast. With the release of the new Traxxas 1/10 Rally, I think that it’s safe to say that rally is here to stay for a while. Will rally ever be as popular as short course? Probably not. But I think that it presents some really interesting opportunities for RC racing and bashing.

First off, RC rally racing has a lot of potential. It’s definitely one of the most stellar full size racing styles in my opinion. I think that the terrain required to have a really awesome rally course is much easier to create than the ‘super cross’ style that most off road tracks require. All you really need is some gravel or loose dust, some pipes for the lanes, and maybe some gradual dirt mounds for modest jumps that the rallys can handle. This might make it easier and more plausible for hobby shops to make tracks due to shear simplicity.  I could also see rally racing classes taking over parking lot racing. Why not drop in some simple wooden jumps for the rally guys right after mod touring? I could see those touring guys getting jealous of that rally class airtime. The possibilities for a rally racing class are endless. (more…)

Traxxas Now Shipping Castle Systems To Fix Spartan OverHeat

Well guys, I think you all remember how we didn’t have any issues with our Traxxas Spartan RC Boat overheating. We even went on video to tell you all that, and to this date we never did have an issue with it. However, we did have a water proof issue with it, one causing the esc to burst into flames after just ten or so packs. From what we can tell, it was some sort of short circuit in the esc. That said, its off to Traxxas to be repaired free of charge so were fine with that. (more…)

Traxxas Spartan Maiden Voyage-No OverHeat

Yes Kiddies! We have finally taken our brand new Traxxas Spartan out for its first run. If only I wasn’t such an idiot and I waited until now to buy it instead of rushing out in February to score it and then wait 3 months lol. Many people have been hating on the Traxxas Spartan for overheating and I am here to say we had no issues of the type yesterday. We were only running 5 Cell Lipo’s but we ran for a good amount of time and let me tell you this, The Traxxas Spartan RC boat is every bit as much fun as you might think it to be. In terms of filming we will have to get a little more creative as who wants to watch 3 minutes of us zooming back and forth but as you know RC NightMare has got something up our sleeves to make it looks amazing.

I was afraid first of all that the boat would be hard to handle and I might flip it, then have to swim my fat butt out in the cold water to go get it, however that just didn’t happen. I will say the turning radius left something to be desired but that is likely a big contributing factor to the fact I did not flip it, had I had the ability to turn more sharply I am sure I would of and I am sure I would of been more likely to roll the thing.

That said, we have another run scheduled for later this week, and hopefully we can test out 6S power for you guys to confirm our Rudder fix worked in terms of cooling, I have also been kicking around the idea of just going ahead and adding another cooling line to the Traxxas Spartan just for good measure and might have Brandon help me out with that before the next run.

That said the Traxxas Spartan RC Boat was super fun, super fast and worth the wait for sure. As we compile the footage for a running video, here are some pictures Cory took yesterday.

Traxxas Monster Jam Release Should Not Let You Down

It seems like everyone is talking about the new Traxxas release of the Monster Jam series and hardly any of it is good.  A brief look around the forums these days and they are filled with flat out Traxxas hate.  Now I haven’t been in the game long enough to really get too mad about all the Traxxas re-releases.  Just so you know I am no Traxxas “fan boy”, and certainly no Traxxas hater my garage carries everything including Traxxas, Axial, Team Associated, Losi, and much more. (more…)