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Traxxas Slash VXL Review

When I heard Traxxas was taking their super popular 2WD Slash model to brushless I thought to myself, duh!  It seems like the most obvious upgrade of all time for the worlds most popular 2WD short course truck.  Coming with the Slash VXL is all the same features you love like waterproof everything and 2.4Ghz control and adds some of the really nice things that the Velineon system has. (more…)

Why You Clean Your RC After Use

I just got home from yet another muddy, dusty, sandy run at the local RC track and I couldn’t be more ready to climb into bed and catch some well deserved sleep.  It occurred to me that I had better spend a little time cleaning up my truck.  The thing is, as you all know tomorrow has a way of never coming and when it comes to the upkeep you don’t really want to let things go too long.  Besides keeping your RC looking fresh there are a lot of moving parts that can experience build up each and every time you use it.  It doesn’t matter if you run a Nitro or an Electric RC there are a few things you can do each time you run it to make sure things stay running smooth.  Were going to look at a few tips on keeping your electric looking good, running good, and lasting long. (more…)

What Kind Of Battery To Get

If you are anything like me when you first got into RC you realized there were a lot of choices. Big decisions like what kind of vehicle to get and smaller ones like what kind of tires to use. For me no decision came easily and one I made a few mistakes with was what type of battery to get. Certainly you have to decide on some of the larger decisions like whether to get a Lipo, NiMh, or Nicad. Then you have to decide what brand you want to get, certainly that is something we will touch on in a different post. What we are aiming to help you figure out is what exactly is the difference between batteries. (more…)

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