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Associated V2 Big Bore Spring Conversion

These days, big bore shocks are all the rage when it comes to dialing your suspension.  Paul Sinclair, of X Factory RC, came up with an interesting solution for having all the benefits of big bore springs without the added weight of big bore shock bodies. He claims that using big bore springs on a standard size shock body is the best overall setup for shock performance. The idea is that big bore springs can be placed on smaller bore shocks in order to prevent scraping. Scraping is a very common issue when it comes to standard size shocks, which can result in an inconsistent feel. Smaller springs buckle as they compress which can allow them to actually touch the shock bodies and cause friction. Because big bore springs have a much larger diameter, they are much less prone to scape than their smaller counterparts. I can personally vouch for this method as I have been very impressed with my t4.1’s handling after doing this simple mod. My shocks feel very smooth. (more…)

How To Find a Local RC Race Track

Many RC racers rely entirely on their own backyard tracks or simply racing their friends in their driveways or at local parks, etc. But for those of you who want to get a little more serious and compete with others, you may want to find a more official race track.

Some of you may be saying “um, hi there’s this new thing called the internet where you can find pretty much anything”. But honestly, when I searched for “rc race tracks” on Google, some of the websites were only for specific states or for how to build an RC race track. Not what I wanted. Then I specified “race tracks in WI” on Google for example, there were some different websites that came up and the first one wasn’t even relevant! So I found a few solid resources for those of you looking to get into racing at your local track. (more…)

Cheap Fix: Broken Support Arm

When it comes to my bashing truck I just want to have fun with it. Sometimes though I can have a bit too much fun and end up breaking something. Being a bashing truck, I‘m not too worried about tip top performance so when things break I try to save a few bucks if I can by patching the broken part.


Proper Gear Mesh

Whether you run nitro or electric all that power from your engine/ motor needs to make its way down to the wheels. Gears form the transmission that accomplishes this task and having them properly meshed or set up can affect the performance of your truck.


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