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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Archive for the ‘How To’ Category

MacGyver: Plastic Bottle Gas Tank

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation.  Let’s say one night, after you have just broken in your brand new nitro truck, you go out racing with your buddy instead of sleeping. Let’s say you guys had a blast and in a moment of excitement you turned your Nitro truck abruptly into a concrete lamp post, head on, at top speed!?… hypothetically of course! What kind of shape would you expect your truck to be in??

Expect it to be in this kind of shape!! :( (more…)

Installing Battery Connector on Kinetic ESC

The Novak Kinetic/Ballistic does not come with connectors for connecting to batteries. The bad part about this is that you will need to do an extra step before you get up and running. However, the good part is that you have the option to install whatever kind of connectors you want! If they came with connectors that you don’t want to use, it’ll have been better if they came with none anyway. (more…)

Blitz ESE: Installing Electronics

The brushless Novak Kinetic ESC for my Blitz ESE has arrived and it is time to get it installed! I’ve paired the Ballistic 17.5T motor along with the Kinetic ESC. Eventually I want to run a 2.4 GHz radio system but until I have enough funds for a nice radio I will be using the stock HPI TF-1 radio system. Novak does not recommend running an AM radio system with the Kinetic due to RF interference but that’s what it will have to be for now. The servo used is a spare Traxxas 2075 servo which was installed when the steering linkages were assembled. (more…)

How To: Rebuilding Oil Filled Shocks

Over time dirt and crud can collect on your shocks and affect their response leaving your truck with inconsistent performance. Regular shock maintenance will give you more consistently responsive shocks and therefore truck!

Today I will go over a general guide on how to rebuild your oil filled shocks. For this demonstration I will be rebuilding one of the HPI Blitz ESE’s stock shocks, however, most shocks are constructed in the same manner.  If you are building the shocks for the first time you can skip the disassembly portion ;) (more…)

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