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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Archive for the ‘How To’ Category

Real Speed Of RC Cars

We were browsing the local hobby shop tonight and something popped out to us that normally we took for granted.  A young boy was looking at the different RC’s and had finally settled on a short course truck. (good choice we say)  He then made his choice almost instantly and almost exclusively by the speed posted on the outside of the box.  This is of course where we jumped in and decided to give his mom a little help.  We explained that there are several factors that go into how fast an RC can drive and they almost never come out of the box as fast as they claim. (more…)

Painting Lexan Body Part 2/2: Painting, Decals

Now that our body is all masked off and ready let’s turn it into a masterpiece! ;)

Make sure you are using paint that is formulated for polycarbonate. Other paint types may not adhere correctly. I will be using Tamiya paint for polycarbonate: PS-5 (Black), PS-6 (Yellow). The ATTK-10 body is a 1/10th scale body and used up both cans of paint so depending on your design you may need more than one can of the same color. (more…)

Painting Lexan Body part 1/2: Preparations, Masking

Painting a new body can be a daunting task but with some planning and patience you can get your design onto that clear body with ease and have it look like a masterpiece. I will show you how I painted the ATTK-10 body that came with the HPI Blitz ESE. The painting will be done with shaker spray cans. (more…)

Soldering How To

In this hobby sooner or later you are going to have to do some soldering – especially if you are into electric vehicles. You may need to do some repairs that require wire replacement or want to change out existing wires for a heavier gauge. A proper soldering job will give you a better electrical connection and a joint that isn’t going to fall apart during a race. (more…)

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