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14th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout!

Hey RC Fans! I’m coming back at ya with more race results. This time, we are taking a look at the 14th Annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout that took place this weekend.

The event was once again 3 days with 2 rounds of qualifying on Friday, 2 on Saturday, and triple A mains on Sunday! And it was HOT in California this weekend! It is known for being scorching hot every year, but top racers from all around still make it out for the 3 day event! The competition was fierce this year, and with it being the last big race before the 1/10th scale electric worlds in Finland, the pros were looking forward to sizing up their competition at the race.

Pro-2 short course started off the day yesterday with the first round of the triple a-mains. Jared Tebo lead the first lap and never looked back in A1.  In A2, Tebo raced again with complete domination driving his Kyosho RB-5 SC to the victory and clinching the overall win. Team Losi Racing teammates Mike Truhe and Frank Root had battled  for 2nd place the whole race, swapping positions what seemed like every corner. Truhe and Root had a rough start in A3, but it didn’t take them long to work their way back to the front where the rivalry continued. This made for an exciting and entertaining race!

Why Some of Us Have a Need For Speed (And Some Don’t)

As I watched my brother pull out his b4.1 RC at the family gathering this weekend, I knew it might be a bad idea. But did I stop him? Absolutely not. As he raced it around 10 different cars and throughout the yard and road, I couldn’t help but crack a smile as I saw my 80 year old Grandma’s reaction and my mom yelling at him to stop. Then I looked the other way to see my brother in law and his family members saying things like “awesome!”, or “that thing is sweet!”.

European Nitro Challenge Coming Up!

Its coming! Nitro fans, this is for you!  The first European Nitro Challenge will be held at the world famous Hocekheim Forumula 1 Circuit on June 23-26 and will feature 4 classes:

  • 1/8 On-road Open
  • 1/8 On-road Hobby Cup
  • 1/10 On-road Open
  • 1/10 On-road Hobby Cup

On Thursday and Friday the track is open for practice, the qualifying will be held on Saturday, and the finals are scheduled for Sunday. On Saturday evening a dinner buffet takes place in the nearby Hockenheim Ring Hotel (200m from the track) with a view to the pitlane of the formula 1 track followed by music and drinks. The open classes are for racers that want to run against the top team drivers of the participating companies. There are still some places available!!

Rain Disappoints at the 2011 BRCA Nationals

As some of you probably know, the British Radio Car Association (BRCA) Nationals have been going on in England for the past few weeks, and I have a few snippets of news for you from the event.  This past weekend saw these races:

  • BRCA Large Scale On-Road National – 2011 – Round 3
  • BRCA 1/10th Electric Touring Car National 2011 R2
  • March Stockcars & Bangers 12th Oval National

I really wanted to get some cool information for these races, and then I realized the BRCA website sucks. So, after some digging, I’ll let ya in on what I found. Round 2 of the 1/10th scale Electric Touring Car National went to….wait for it…the rainy weather! It had been predicted all week, and everyone was hoping the weather people were wrong again, but they weren’t.

As the rain continued to persist the decision was to continue running the finals however worsening conditions after the first round saw an abandonment of the race, and unlike F1 the race didn’t continue. Under these rules points from just one leg of the finals count. So we did have some results, but not like they were planned:

Pro Stock
1 Zak Smith
2 Chris Slater
3 Lee Price
4 Jon Bowden
5 James Hart
6 Chris Neff
7 Sam Clifton
8 Mark Wallace
9 Kieran Clift
10 David Hall

Olly Jefferies

1 Olly Jefferies
2 Chris Kerswell
3 Andy Moore
4 Russell Williams
5 Tom Watts
6 Chris Grainger
7 Chris Ashton
8 Matthew White
9 Brian Eldridge
10 Alan Bickerstaff

From other news I have heard that the BRCA Large Scale On-Road National Round 3 may have been rescheduled due to rain. I cannot find any results on it, so I’m going to assume that is so.

I will continue to stay updated on the event and dig for more information as the Nationals continue.



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