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Team Losi 810 1/8 4WD RTR Buggy

Its been a good long time since I posted anything about Nitro RC’s so it would seem like today is as good a day as any.  Nitro RC car’s and truck’s are not an easy thing to just jump into.  I went through many struggles when I first started even.  The first nitro I ever owned was a Traxxas T-Maxx.  After a pretty smooth break in process I struggled to keep the thing running properly, running to the internet for almost every problem.  That said Nitro Ready to Run models have come a long way since that and Losi has put out an amazing kit for people looking to get into Nitro Buggys.  As with all ready to run models they are just that, ready to run, and a great way to get a taste of the hobby.

Ignore The RTR Haters:
A brief sentence or two about people who will bash these kinds of kits.  Sure, we agree a ready to run 1/8 scale buggy like this is not going to be as good as the models that will cost you twice the price.  That seems obvious but sometimes that gets lost in the battle of what to get, opinions are just that opinions.  Were not endorsing this specifically, simply commenting on how awesome it is that you can get an 1/8 scale buggy for under $400. :)   On to the look.

The Losi 810 Offers Amazing Fun For An Affordable Price:

So I just ordered one of these bad boys and cannot wait for it to get here.  The key is however to set expectations correctly.  You simply cannot compare it to even their other models like the Losi 8, that is about 50 percent more in terms of cost.  What it is however is an amazing ready to run 1/8 scale nitro buggy.

It comes loaded up with a most powerful 3.4 Nitro Motor, delivering the power you crave.  Losi is starting to make a really strong push at some affordable ready to run models to compete with Traxxas for shelf space in local hobby stores and the 810 buggy is no exception.  A quick look at similar Ready to Run kits shows nothing compares.  If you are looking for a full feature breakdown simply click here and view them on Losi’s main website.

The closest thing to this much value is the Team Associated RC8RS that is still 80 bucks more expensive.  One accessory a lot of people over look on the ready to run models is the recievers, mostly because they typically are replaced or simply stink.  The thing about Team Losi is they use Spektrum technology, some of the highest regarded radio equipment on the market.  You will not have to worry to much about your radio and reciever combo on this ready to run, you are totally set right out of the box.

A Few Other Nuggets:
There are a few other really nice things included on this ready to run kit, that is included and installed sway bars, and really nice twin disc brakes for the breaking power you will no doubt need with the power included in this kit.

Were not saying run out and buy one, were just saying there is a heck of a lot of value here.  Something worth looking at whether you are simply looking for your first Nitro RC in general, a Nitro 1/8 scale buggy, or really just looking for your next RC.  Losi simply knows Buggys, that we know for sure.

Lessons I Learned From My First Nitro

So I actually took the reverse path into RC that a lot of people do, first getting into electric and then getting into nitro.  I had been racing electric RC’s for a really long time before finally getting the guts to get into the nitro’s.  Part of the reason was that I didn’t really have any other friends in the nitro game and the other part of it was my lack of trust in my own abilities to maintain and troubleshoot a complicated nitro motor.  It seems like for a lot of people dealing with Nitro motors is an area of comfort, especially if you are already mechanically inclined or enjoy working on cars in real life.  For those of us who the answer is almost never clear Nitro presents a pretty stiff challenge. (more…)

MacGyver: Plastic Bottle Gas Tank

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation.  Let’s say one night, after you have just broken in your brand new nitro truck, you go out racing with your buddy instead of sleeping. Let’s say you guys had a blast and in a moment of excitement you turned your Nitro truck abruptly into a concrete lamp post, head on, at top speed!?… hypothetically of course! What kind of shape would you expect your truck to be in??

Expect it to be in this kind of shape!! :( (more…)

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