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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Cheap Fix: Broken Support Arm

When it comes to my bashing truck I just want to have fun with it. Sometimes though I can have a bit too much fun and end up breaking something. Being a bashing truck, I‘m not too worried about tip top performance so when things break I try to save a few bucks if I can by patching the broken part.

Recently I managed to break one of the front supporting arms on my nitro basher. Luckily the break was at a point that had enough material for a repair job. If the break had happened at another point the fix required will have to be altered.

The Fix

The purpose of the fix is to get the arm working as closely to the original part as possible – The fix then will require a way to reinforce the plastic arm at the break point. Initially I had a plastic pen tube that happened to fit quite snugly around the break point. This tube worked okay for a while but the plastic was not thick enough for the job – it fractured itself after a few ‘spirited’ maneuvers :)

A better fix is to reinforce the breakpoint with a metal shaft. This shaft will be driven into the center of the two arm pieces and the arm will be held together with some strands of wire.


  • Metal shaft/ Small nail
  • Side cutter
  • Drill and bits
  • Wire/ straightened paper clip

I’m using a one inch nail that is of suitable diameter. Try to find something that is not too thick since you’ll want to displace the least amount of material possible but still provide strength. Cut the head off the nail with the side cutter and sand down any burrs.

Now to prepare the arm pieces to accept the shaft – using a drill bit that is just slightly smaller than the diameter of the shaft drill a hole into the arm pieces. Try to keep the holes as parallel to arm as possible and go to a depth of 1/2 inches. Drill two smaller holes into the arm about 3/4 inches from the break point. These holes will be used to thread the wires through for extra support.

With the holes drilled and the shaft prepared, dry fit the parts together.  If everything fits together well, thread the smaller holes at the ends with wire and tighten with pliers.

There you have it. A quick fix for a broken support arm. It isn’t perfect but this fix will greatly strengthen the arm at the break point and let you get back to bashing pronto! The point is probably now stronger than the rest of the arm so if the arm takes more damage chances are it will break at a new location.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Fix: Broken Support Arm

  1. Josh says:

    If you have a fix for a traxxas rustler’s antenna mount, that would be great. I broke the mount and i want to know if there is an easy fix for it. Otherwise I’ll have to buy a whole new chassis for my rustler. That’s like twelve dollars and it seems like too much to pay for a silly little antenna mount.

  2. jeremy says:

    we can do it, we’ll have to pick up a ruster tomorrow tho

    If you can wait we will do it

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