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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Cody King’s Special Edition Kyosho Inferno Buggy

The Special Edition

Cody King is the young guy that was crowned the 2010 1/8 Off-Road Buggy World Champion in November. This is the most important title in RC racing and he has already achieved it in only his second World Championship race.  The Team Kyosho/Team Orion driver has been signed and re-signed and is not going anywhere soon. He should be at the top of RC for a long time. And how can you not like this kid!? If you do kind of keep up with racing or have seen him around the rc news world like I have, you’ll notice his dad is always by his side helping him out.

Well his dad Paul King wanted to commemorate his son Cody’s World Championship victory by doing something new and special with his Kyosho Inferno MP9 Buggy.

With his Dad and Kyosho drivers

Awwww! Sorry, I just think its cool that his dad supports him in his passion for RC to this level. So what did he do to the Inferno? Nothing was done to the actual inside of the car in terms of the engine and all that but he changed up the looks of it. Paul decided to anodize the aluminium parts red, which along with the yellow AKA rims and blue springs, match the racing colors of the World Champion perfectly. It looks pretty cool, at least I think so (you can just for yourself in the pictures). He will be hitting the track with it at this weekend’s Silverstate in Las Vegas. Check it out if you happen to be lucky and live in the Vegas Area.

I’ll keep you updated on how he does with it and the attention it gets at the track if I can so stay posted!


A look inside



4 thoughts on “Cody King’s Special Edition Kyosho Inferno Buggy

  1. dizzyinzo says:

    dude that awesome so he didnt become skilled in this over night, so he was like 12 years old beating grown men in rc. lol

  2. Chris says:

    This must be expensive!!

  3. News says:

    Yea, I don’t think they will even make these to sell. his dad had it specially made for him but if they did sell it, it would be worth a pretty penny.

  4. Dk says:

    No actually u can buy piece by piece and make the same car. I just so lucky have almost the same car but only diffrent my colors are aluminum blue and yellow.

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