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RC Nightmare Community Blog

3 Signs You Are Dealing With an RC Jerk

When I originally decided to write this article I wanted to use a little stronger word for the RC person we are referring to, instead of jerk, think feminine hygiene product, or any of the guys on that horrible show Jersey Shore. However taking some advice from a much nicer man up in America’s Hat (Canada) I remembered that people of all ages read our blog and I thought I would keep it rated G.

We all know the type or at least have heard of run ins with this elusive beast. Below, more as a public service announcement than anything I decided to layout 3 easy signs you might be dealing with an RC Jerk. RC Jerks are found in all areas of remote controlled hobbies. They race electric, run nitro RC’s, they fly planes, they crawl rocks, they drive boats. They spend a lot of time in RC forums letting people know how superior they are in every way.

RC’s jerks have a unique camouflage that can make them difficult to spot in the wild, they often appear at local tracks, have amazing kits, and disguise themselves with RC branded t-shirts and hat just like you. They are one of the most elusive and frustrating infestations you can have, similar to how a termite ridden home they can destroy something awesome like a local track from the inside and if you don’t know how to recognize the signs before you know it  things can be crumbling around you.

Sign # 1 You May Be Dealing With an RC Jerk:

An RC Jerk has owned, or knows someone who has owned pretty much every kind of RC ever, in the history of RC and it should come as no surprise to you, their opinion of the vast majority of them is “They Suck”. Here is an example of a conversation you may find yourself in.

RC Friend: Hey man, what do you think of that new kit company X  put out a little while ago?

RC Jerk Answer 1: Pfft, that thing? Yea my buddy has one of those and it sucks.
RC Jerk Answer 2: Yea man, got one before they were ever released, sucks.
RC Jerk Answer 3: Yea dude, its amazing, it took a lot of customizing and hard work to make it decent but mines better than anyone you’ve seen.

If you find yourself in this situation its best not to make any sudden movements, slowly turn around and walk away. Remember…don’t look back.

Sign #2 You May Be Dealing With An RC Jerk:

An RC Jerk also claims to know everyone important, to be close personal friends with designers, racers, track owners, and much more. DON’T BE FOOLED! This is one of their most dangerous forms of camo. Taking their advice on this claim can be a deadly move. Remember, they likely know those people because they spend their entire life at the track, the track owner loves them because they spend a lot of money, and shear amount of track time will allow you to run into almost anyone. Remember, if you quit your day job and did nothing but go to baseball games, getting there hours before the game, and going every single day, don’t you think you would “know” a few ball players?

When name dropping begins, its time to apply what I like to call the “douche filter” sure they likely DO know a lot of the people they say they do, but remember the word “know” is subjective. I mean I “know” Super Bowl winning QB Aaron Rodgers, he signed an autograph for me once and I watch loads of interviews with him on the internet. Any advice taken from this point on should be put through the “douche filter” it is a simple math equation I will share below.

RC Jerk’s Trust Rank on a scale of 1-10+ “Douche Filter Score of -4”=*New Rank.

If you find about 8/10s of what they say credible now their new trust rank is just a 4, still want to buy that new rig they are recommending? Or on the flip side, still want to avoid that rig they hated on? This method of defense has been very effective against the RC Jerk.

Bonus Tip:

Our best composite Sketch artist has put together a little something to help you spot what an RC Jerk “may” look like:

One Of Many Forms an "RC Jerk" May Take

Sign # 3 You May Be Dealing With An RC Jerk:

An RC Jerk has an opinion about everything, and as you may probably guess it’s always right. They are unwilling to listen to reason and incapable of understanding any alternative situations.This is a very tricky move by the RC Jerk to collect more “fame pellets” it’s what they need to survive.

You may be asking what is a fame point? Well every time they “own” someone on a forum, get asked questions, thanked for answers, or looked up to in anyway there is a very complicated process that happens in their brains that releases a “fame pellet” this “fame pellet” is then converted into crucial byproducts like “superiority” “elites” and many more critical nourishment elements for the RC Jerk. Its best to, as an RC community to avoid feeding the RC jerk. Much like loose food will attract ants into your home, these available “fame pellets” will attract the dangerous RC Jerk. The cure is the same as it is with ants, clean up those Dorito’s you left on the floor and the ants will go away. Remember, RC jerks take many forms, and have many tricks in their trade.

Please be careful when you encounter one of these, and share some of your tips below in the comments to help your friends in RC avoid falling victim to the RC Jerk epidemic. We must root these people out, forcing them back into their spare bedrooms to work on their RC’s in solitude where they can not longer do damage. If you know an RC Jerk, call em out here too!

11 thoughts on “3 Signs You Are Dealing With an RC Jerk

  1. SportFury says:

    Your comming up w/ some pretty good reads, nice :-}

  2. jeremy says:

    thanks a lot :)

  3. Sam says:

    one of those is at my school.HE does everything you just mentioned and some how knows everyone i think is cool or awesome at something! i hate him!

  4. [...] Jeremy said in 3 Signs You Are Dealing With an RC Jerk, you will run into “that guy” who think he knows all and is the best in the world, has [...]

  5. jeremy says:

    lol yea…they are annoying

  6. dizzyinzo says:

    there are some guys at my track that know a lot about rc. but i wouldnt call them douche bags

  7. Chris says:

    This completely describes the people at my local hobby shop. They never help me when I go up there and have their opinion on EVERYTHING. I went up there to buy some beadlock wheels for my E Revo and they said ” Ah, you don’t need them.” So I go to my other hobby which doesn’t have a track or as many rc stuff just because he is a nicer guy.

  8. Your local RC Jerk says:

    1) This article sucks.
    2) This blog sukcs.
    3) You suck also

  9. jeremy says:


  10. Rj echols says:

    HeLLZ ya… this one guy at my shcool makes fun of my ofna and traxxas kits…. he thinks his little walmart car is PRETTY KOOL tho… lol

  11. [...] Jeremy said in 3 Signs You Are Dealing With an RC Jerk, you will run into “that guy” who thinks he knows all and is the best in the world, has [...]

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