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Features of the New Futaba 4PL 2.4GHz S-FHSS

Here’s a new weapon for you RC racers! The new Futaba 4PL 2.4GHz S-FHSS radio system includes many advanced features that racers desire. With frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology and a price that any RC fan’s budget, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll get virtually interference-free operation, super-secure dependability and most of the advanced throttle and steering adjustability you would normally find in a much more expensive radio.

Here are some of the features:

Futaba Radio System

- 6.8ms frame rate (S-FHSS)
- 128×64 dot backlit LCD w/contrast
- Alarm
- Steering and throttle tension adjustment
- Forward/Back throttle position adjustment
- Display switch
- Charge jack
- 40-model memory
- 10-character model naming
- Model copy
- Model clear
- Alarm tone adjustment
- Fail Safe on all channels (S-FHSS mode)
- Digital trim step select
- MC Link (connecting to Futaba ESCs)

Other features include:

Steering Functions

  • Trim
  • Trim Rate
  • Reverse
  • Dual Rate
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA) Left/Right
  • Exponential
  • Sub Trim
  • Speed Turn/Return

Throttle Functions

  • Trim
  • Trim Rate
  • Reverse
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA) High/Low
  • ATL
  • Mechanical ATL
  • Exponential High/Low
  • Sub Trim
  • A.B.S.
  • Idle-Up
  • Acceleration
  • Preset (Throttle Hold)
  • Speed
  • Servo Neutral Select

3rd Channel Functions

  • Reverse
  • Step
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA) High/Low
  • Sub Trim
  • Brake

4th Channel Functions

  • Reverse
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA) High/Low
  • Sub Trim
  • Brake
  • A.B.S.

Other Mixing Functions

  • One Program Mixing
  • 4WS Mixing (great for crawlers)
  • Brake Mixing
  • Special Mixing for Dual ESC Setup (great for crawlers)

Timer Functions

  • Timer
  • Up Timer
  • Down Timer
  • Lap Timer
  • Lap Memory up to 100 laps and Total Laps (Forward – Brake; 50/50% or 70/30%)

The Futaba 2.4GHz ReceiverAlso available separately, another versatility plus is selectable FHSS/S-FHSS modes, which allow you to use R603GF or R2004GF FHSS receivers, or take advantage of the higher frame rates available with the included high-voltage R2104GF receiver (FUTL7616).

2 thoughts on “Features of the New Futaba 4PL 2.4GHz S-FHSS

  1. batman says:

    oooooo i want one now

  2. dizzyinzo says:

    hey if you get this could u do a video review of it because i hvae had the 3pm and 3pk and didnt like them i prefer the m11

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