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RC Nightmare Community Blog

First Build Ever Associated B41 Kit

So I’ve just put together my first kit build ever – the Team Factory RC10B4.1 buggy. I’ve done the RTR thing in the past and though it was awesome to be able get up and running with barely any effort it always left me wondering what it would have been like to build one up from its parts. Well, the short answer is: it was freakin’ awesome!

Tearing down an RTR and putting it back together just isn’t quite the same as piecing it together from scratch. The challenge was to see if I could put this thing together without a half a box of ‘extra’ parts left over – cause you know how manufactures always tend to have too many parts ;)

Overall the build turned out very well and took about 10 hours including taking pictures of each major part as it came together. It went fairly smoothly once I realized that the manual had a split personality… it included instructions for the B4.1 as well as the T4.1 apparently they are very similar builds!  Also some of the parts were not in the bags they should have been in.  Don’t know if it was because of this or the fact that was midnight when I did the build but this left me with a few instances of wtf?? Where is that part??

A weird thing I don’t get is why Team Associated used both metric and imperial units for measurements. Not that it was a big deal….just an oddity I thought.

The quality of the parts was very good. The upgrades included with the kit were nice too. Makes the buggy look very slick.

[picture of some parts assembled and the aluminum parts]

The most challenging parts were the ball differentials and shock cap set screw. Having not built a ball diff before it was hard to tell if the tension was right.  We don’t have an ESC/Motor for the buggy yet so haven’t been able to break in the diff to verify if it’s just right.

With the shock cap set screws I’d suggest putting the screws in the bleeder hole completely and then removing it BEFORE assembling the shocks. The manual says to get a couple turns of the screw into the cap before assembly but what I found was that the bleeder holes were way small for the set screw so it became difficult to get the screw in farther once the shock was assembled. Seating the first helps immensely!

Once we get a motor in there I’ll be able to see if the ball diff was set correctly and if I messed anything up! :)

Next up…my second build ever…the Blitz ESE!

6 thoughts on “First Build Ever Associated B41 Kit

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  2. Kenneth J says:

    Nice bro, B4 is a great buggy to start with. Master turning with that one and you can drive anything!!. Also I have the traxxas velineon 10 turn motor/esc combo in my B4, and I love it!!!! Motor never gets too hot, and very fast. I wil lbe posting mine up soon in the build forum. Also kits are great, i remember there was a time all rcs came as kits. As far as Associated using both metric and imperial units is to make us buy more tools. =P

  3. jeremy says:

    Sure seems like it sometime :)

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