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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Hello All My Name Is Allan


The purpose of is for us to help put the control back in radio control! With so many opinions on every aspect of RC on the net we wanted to provide a place where you can find the answers you are looking for without having to weed though forum after forum.

I’ve always been interested in anything RC but have been away from the hobby for some years (mostly bashing and tinkering). Since then this hobby has gotten some pretty major tech advances with brushless, lipo and 2.4 ghz. This blog will document my experiences as I get reacquainted with the hobby I so enjoyed.  Hopefully my experiences can help answer questions you have.

That’s it for now.  I’ll be posting my experiences with an RC10B4.1 build in my next post.

Thanks for dropping by! Let us know what you want to know about RC.

4 thoughts on “Hello All My Name Is Allan

  1. garrett janack says:

    hey could you pick me as the winner to the rc short coarse winner first because i have never won a contest in my life and im tring to get into racing but im poor and i only have a team associated rc10 gold pan rc car and it only goes 25mph thats it and i would love to have another rc car to my collection. i would like a brand new rc car to my collection plesa let me win im your biggest fan in the world i have watched all your vids on youtube im nerfman99999999 is my youtube account.

  2. jerry says:

    hello. like you, i have always been interested in rc. i too just got back in the hobby, though i had only been out of it for a couple years. i really like the idea of this website. i have told countless people looking for help about the other forums, just to get frustrated with trying to locate the info they are looking for. i think this is a better place for beginners to find general information on radio control. it doesnt seem cluttered with adds and links like other forums. im not trying to butter you up about the short course giveaway or anything like that, im not one of those pick me, pick me, please, please, please kind of people anyway and im not into short course racing. i just wanted to express my opinion and say i think this is what the new comers of the rc community have needed for a long time. personally, i would like to see the sc truck given to someone that has done something to earn it, thou im not sure of how it could be done. people that earn stuff seem to appreciate it more, in my opinion.

  3. jeremy says:

    we are 100 percent with you. I really like your comments. have any interest in writing for our blog?

  4. Ben Scuffham says:

    This is such a great contest other sites should be this great

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