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RC Nightmare Community Blog

HPI Blitz ESE Kit Build

Just off the heels of the Factory Team RC10 B4.1 Buggy build is another build I’ve been looking forward to: the HPI Blitz ESE kit. Check out the ESE unboxing video. This is my second kit build. By my count there were 524 parts not including the decals with 72 parts left over so therefore the truck is made up of 452 parts! (I’m sure I miscounted a part or two so this is a rough number ;) )


HPI Blitz ESE Unpainted

What you will need to get running with this kit are:

  • Radio transmitter/receiver
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Steering servo
  • Motor and pinion gear
  • Wheels (4.5mm offset, 12mm hex)
  • Tires and foam inserts
  • Batteries for the truck and transmitter
  • Battery Charger

The tools you’ll require in addition to those that come with the kit are:


Blitz ESE Needed Tools

The most important are the calipers/pliers/knife

The manual is very well laid out with diagrams and enough instructions to explain what you’ll need to do and more importantly what to watch out for. There is an update to step 14 – Ball Differential Assembly 4. Don’t ignore this like I did. Over tightening the diff screw will destroy the thrust washer! The original instructions say to “Tighten all the way. Then loosen  ¼ turn”… :(

The kit parts are separated into bags containing what you’ll need for a specific component like front shocks or ball diff and so on. In some cases you will not use all the parts from a bag. These extra parts will be used in later steps so just set them aside after you reach the end of the steps for that bag.

The build sequence is:

  • A – Front Shocks
  • B – Rear Shocks
  • C – Ball Differential
  • D – Gear Box
  • E – Steering Linkage
  • F – Front Shock Tower
  • G – Steering Block
  • H – Installing Front Shock Tower and Shocks
  • I – Drive Shaft
  • J – Installing Rear Shock Tower and Shocks
  • K – Side Guard/Battery Holder/Electronics
  • L – Front/Rear Bumper
  • M – Tires/Painting Body

The two hiccups I had were breaking one of the ball differential thrust washers (watch out!) and installing the ball ends on the wrong side of the rear hub carriers initially. Lesson:  read all the documentation before beginning and pay attention! ;)

Having a bit of a hard time with the B4.1 shock cap screws I really appreciated how painless it was to build the Blitz’s shocks. Install the shock cap so that there is a 1mm gap from it being fully seated, tilt, move the shock shaft up and tighten with the shock wrenches. Done!


HPI Blitz ESE Front End

The build from beginning to end took about 10 hours in one sitting including a ton of pictures I hope to turn into a video of the kit coming together. The final items left on this build are to: glue the tires, paint the body, and install the electronics.

4 thoughts on “HPI Blitz ESE Kit Build

  1. [...] have it look like a masterpiece. I will show you how I painted the ATTK-10 body that came with the HPI Blitz ESE. The painting will be done with shaker spray [...]

  2. daniel says:

    wow how long did it take you to complete the build

  3. jeremy says:

    about 4 hours.

  4. batman says:

    ese looks like a nice kit

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