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Installing Battery Connector on Kinetic ESC

The Novak Kinetic/Ballistic does not come with connectors for connecting to batteries. The bad part about this is that you will need to do an extra step before you get up and running. However, the good part is that you have the option to install whatever kind of connectors you want! If they came with connectors that you don’t want to use, it’ll have been better if they came with none anyway.

So which connectors to use? Any of the connectors will work fine provided they can handle the current draw you need. ‘low loss’ connectors are always better since they have lower electrical resistance. The lower resistance means the connectors won’t be the point that fails from overheating and melting its plastic casing when you have a continuous high current draw. It also means that this energy that would have gone into heating up the connectors in now going to power your truck instead. There will always be some loss energy due to resistance but minimizing it now will let you have more fun later.

Novak suggests the use of Deans Ultra Plugs for the ESC/battery connection and that is what I will be using. If you already have a ‘standard’ connector that you use powerpole/EC3/Deans/Traxxas then I’d suggest sticking with that standard – provided they can handle the current!

Just like in my Soldering How To, begin by tinning both the solder tabs on the Deans and the ESC/battery wires. If you have to cut the old connectors off the battery, cut the wires ONE AT A TIME otherwise you’ll short the battery and have a bad day!

Tinning the connectors was straightforward enough..a couple seconds and I was done – you do not want to have the iron on the solder tab for very long else you will melt its housing = bad. I did have to hold the iron on the 14 gauge wires of the ESC for about 4 seconds though. This is pushing the time limit! The 25 watt iron of mine does not seem to be hot enough to work with wires of that size :( . Guess what’s in my future??!

Holding the Deans Ultra Plugs so that it makes a ‘T’ with the connectors, the horizontal part is positive and the vertical part is negative. The female end goes on the battery while the male end goes on the ESC. MAKE sure you put the shrink tubbing on the wires now before they are soldered in place otherwise you will have a bad day :(

With the wires and connectors tinned I soldered the two together by holding the wire against the tab and applying the iron to both at the same time. This is not my normal practice for soldering but since the wires were so good at conducting the heat away, I had to use some tricks. Whichever technique you use, ensure that you have a shiny/silvery joint and not a grey/dull joint.

This was my experience with putting Deans on the Kinetic. Good luck with yours!

13 thoughts on “Installing Battery Connector on Kinetic ESC

  1. cameron says:

    how fast do rc cars go

  2. cameron says:

    can it brake eazyly

  3. cameron says:

    do you reackamened a rc track

  4. cameron says:

    i wood like to win

  5. cameron says:

    what kind of battery i will have to get

  6. cameron says:

    does the battery have to be chared bye somthing

  7. cameron says:

    i hope i will like my rc car if i get one

  8. cameron says:

    will you help me if i have a problems

  9. cameron says:

    what if the rc car is not working right

  10. cameron says:

    how much does a rc car way

  11. Allan says:

    With the right gear they can get up to around ~70mph! controlling it at that speed is another issue lol

  12. Allan says:

    I’d go with some lipo type batteries but make sure you have an ESC that supports lipos since you shouldn’t run lipos the way you run nicad/nimh. And you will need a charger that can handle the lipos as well.

  13. cameron says:


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