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Is Traxxas Running Away With Things

With Traxxas engineers pumping out new models seemingly every week and awesome upgrades seemingly every other week it leaves one to wonder what the likes of HPI, Team Associated, and Losi will do to keep up if they wish to get any share of the mainstream market.  It’s no news that Traxxas dominates the local hobby shops in terms of model selection and parts availability but what will the others do should they wish to get a little share of those shelves.

Some will say they they might not care, they may be more interested in owning the hardcore racers, dealing in quality not quantity but that seems unlikely.  Why would they come out with ready to run models if they were not interested in the entry level market?  Why would team associated roll out their brushless ready to run edition of the SC10 if they didn’t wish to compete with the Slash kits flying off the shelves.

In the past few months alone Traxxas rolled out the following models:

  • Slash 2WD VXL
  • Ken Block Edition Street Racer
  • Stampede 4X4 VXL
  • 1/16 Summit VXL
  • Traxxas Rally

Each RC in a different class, and each a large upgrade from its former, or an awesome new model.  If you take a look across to the other major manufacturer’s you’ll find a lot of stagnation.  Sure you could argue that they put more time and thought into their releases and I think you could find examples of that.  The real question is what can HPI, Team Associates, and Losi do to stop the run away train that is Traxxas.  I am certainly no genius but there are a few things I can think of that may help.

Faster Releases:

If HPI, Team Associated, and Losi wish to keep up with Traxxas in terms of the consumer market then they must simply release upgrades and newer models a little more quickly.  I realize that takes a lot of time and money but releasing a few new models per year, around Christmas time couldn’t hurt things.

More News:

One thing I think could help is to leak a little more information.  To answer the questions so many people are asking.  If everyone is clamoring for a 4X4 short course truck then put out a release on it, tell people if you are going to release one or not.  Let people know what you are in fact working on so people can begin to anticipate your releases.  This is really a problem across all RC companies.  If you let people wonder then they will often make up their own stories and that is almost never good.

Lower Price Points:

One thing people love about Traxxas is the low price point to get into it.  Team losi has tried to stay affordable and in terms of short course trucks most manufacturers stay right around the same price.  In order to compete with Traxxas however, they need to be consistently the same or lower in terms of price points.

More Ready To Run Models:

One big thing Traxxas does really well is the ready to run models.  Every single model they sell is available in ready to run.  Almost anyone regardless of skill can walk into their local hobby store and be outside and running within a few hours.  If the other RC companies wish to appeal to more people on the consumer side of things they will have to offer more options in the ready to run style.

Sure none of these things are all that earth shattering in terms of complexity and if HPI, Team Associated, or Losi really wanted to do them they could it’s just my perspective that they must totally commit to one side or the other.  If they are not careful they may lose the local hobby shops all together.

6 thoughts on “Is Traxxas Running Away With Things

  1. Alex Searle says:

    I personally think that Traxxas pumps too many things out at once and this can make too many choices. Going from 1/16 scale to 1/10 scale, brushed to brushless, SC to monster truck (you get my point?) etc etc. Traxxas takes up atleast 1/4 of rc magazines! Just kidding :p But the idea of a rtr model being relatively inexensive in comparison to other brands is nice. One good thing is that Traxxas helps out other RC brands in a way. A newcomer buys the inexpensive Traxxas model, loves RC, then upgrades to another more expensive model from.. say Team Associated. That person already has a standard for what to get out of a kit and now the upgrade just widens the experience :) Just my 2 cents.

  2. jeremy says:

    yea good point, I started out with Traxxas stuff too but still sort of love it…man the Summit is sick.

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  5. Mick Van Kampen says:

    I can understand the Traxxas marketing strategy… It works. But they’re losing a lot of the intermediate market by only delivering RTR models. I feel strongly that they should over the Spartan in at least one lower build level so that I don’t have to receive inferior batteries and radio equipment that I wont use. It would be a win win right?

    An annoyance is the over use of a product name… Searching for “Revo” yields such a wide array of products that I can’t find the reviews or parts I want.

  6. KC says:

    My experiences with traxxas products has been very discouraging and I wished I still had my Losi xxx-nt!! I own a Nitro rustler and purchased a bandit for my son. THEY BOTH have had issuses with motor burn up (4x so far) on the bandit, and engine troubles on the rustler, including starting with the ez start–nothing easy about it, something wraped aroung the high speed needle messing with my settings– leaning the motor out all the damn time (this is factory by the way) and the clutch going out within the first week of owning it!!! I have been an avid rc’er for 20+ years and never had so many problems with a paticular brand of rc product. No more traxxas for me!! Their, Cheap-Cheap.

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