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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Is Your Kid Too Young For An RC?

So here’s the deal – you love RC’s and your child is begging you to let them drive. You really want to pass on the hobby to your young boy or girl but aren’t sure if they’re ready for it? Well, not every child is the same and a lot of it depends on the maturity and the interest of the individual child. But there are a few general rules and advice I can give you.

Starter RC

First off, I would start them off with a non-expensive RC like the one to the right from Toys R US, Target, or wherever. Or go with one that you don’t use too often or isn’t one of your best cars. This way,you can figure out if they like the hobby. If they really seem to enjoy it and are able to operate it, then you can move onto the next level with your child.

The general consensus is that 10 and under is too young for any hobby-grade RC. But like I said, a lot depends on the maturity of your child as well. Some 8 year olds are much more mature than others. And some are likely to break anything they touch :/. My brother loved racing cars when he was little, but he was so aggressive that he broke every one of them! So use your discretion with your child. You know them best and what they can or cannot handle it.

In terms of electric vs. nitro RC’s, definitely start out with electric. They are a lot easier to work with, do repairs, and the like. After they master the electric, feel free to help them work with a nitro.

Last but not least, make sure you supervise your kids at any age you decide to allow them to race at!

9 thoughts on “Is Your Kid Too Young For An RC?

  1. Alex Searle says:

    I definately say that children should get involved in RC. They are the next generation of rc’ers. The best part of RC, is that a father or mother can play along side their child. So bring out the micros, and inexpensive rc’s and have at it! :)

  2. phil says:

    i agree get them involved in something now, my wifes oldest son has ADHD and he loves bashing and racing around, burns out some of his energy, my wifes youngest son he turns 5 january 31st, he has an old cheapy radio shack rc truck it goes like .0000005 MPH, lol. i want to get him a new one when i can afford it, i let him drive my rustler and he did ok but the TQ controller is big in his hands, he can steer awesome but he pulls the trigger but has to let go of the steering to hold it to be able to stop or reverse. Definitely will get him a traxxas, already have an emaxx and rustlers, so maybe a stampede, slash, or bandit. i have noticed that the older boy actually enjoys it, its not just fun for the momment, he snags my rc mags and reads them, the one benefit for me is his RC playtime depends on his grades and keeping his room clean, guess what it works………ok well mostly works, but its something for him to want to be involved. Definitely get your kids in RC.

  3. Chris says:

    I would allow my child to join in the fun, I have 3 girls tho and trying to get them to show interest in any form of motor sports is proving to be harder that i thought it would be.

    I would suggest a walmart special as a first rc for a child, when they become good with that then amp it up to a real rc with the beginner mode turned on, just for safety reasons of hurting themselves or destruction of the rc.

  4. jeremy says:

    Yea, not a bad idea, certainly want to start cheap if you can….

  5. jeremy says:

    for sure! My rule of thumb…the younger the kid….the bigger the area they need :)

  6. Aravan says:

    for a kid definitely get them something like a traxxas 2wd brushed truck so that it wont break on the first thing they hit.

  7. motakitty says:

    i bought my daughter a small rc car for her 2nd birthday. shes always interested in my car or truck when i have it out and she likes to watch me race em. she doesnt really play with hers, she did though and that was the best. my wife didnt like it as much as i did(shes really girly).

  8. Brandon S says:

    Traxxas electric vehicles are great for the young beginner. There is a beginner setting that limits throttle to 50%. Parents can use this to help train their kid on a slower speed. They are also waterproof!

  9. david says:

    okay so what im 12 years old dont have kids or anything but i agree get something like a bandit/slash2wd/stampede2wd/brushed ruster/1/16 erevo summit slash and your kid will love it i have a 1/16 erevo 2 emaxxs 3903 3906 two tmaxxs .15 2.5 i would go with traxxas electric because waterproof training mode and simple fun

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