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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Losi Strike: First Impressions

Okay, so we hear the Losi Strike isn’t the best Short Course truck ever made (what is?). It is also the cheapest by far – we got our ‘Bind and Drive’ Strike for $99! That’s an awesome price for an almost ready to run…the RTR can be had for about $130. At that price we had to get it to see what all the commotion was about.

The Bind and Drive Strike comes with a 2.4 GHz receiver, Lipo compatible ESC, 12T brushed motor, aluminum threaded shock bodies, and a brushless ready transmission. What you will need to get up and running out of the box are: a DSM transmitter with Spektrum 2.4 GHz Technology and a charged battery. The ESC comes with the EC3 type battery connector.

I did not have access to a Spektrum DSM radio so I switched the stock radio out for a Traxxas 2.4 Ghz radio. I had issues with the ESC in forward/reverse mode – the reverse functionality stopped working within a few minutes of running and forward worked intermittently. Cycling power would restore functionality temporally. The ESC worked a lot better in forward only mode…bad thing is no reverse (not so good for bashing). The LiPo compatibility is a nice bonus.

The truck is plenty fast out of the box paired with a 20C 5000mah LiPo. The steering itself is responsive but the high center of gravity makes sharp turns only doable at very low speeds. Bashing with the Losi Strike on the road you almost had to come to a stop before it can turn without rolling over. With any speed at all you’ll likely have the truck do the turn on three wheels with the inside rear wheel off the road. On grass/loose dirt the truck did not roll over as much but you also lose a lot of speed do to the low traction. With the low traction, the Strike has a tendency to spin out as well. On a dirt track I only flipped the truck once going way too fast into the corner off the straight. Once I adjusted to the speed needed for the track the trick was getting the truck lined up with the jumps off of corners. This probably means my driving style needs to be adjusted more to how the Strike handles. In addition, I found myself having to do a lot of corrections to prevent spin outs.

The first part that broke on me so far was the font turn buckle (got too close to a fence) – which turns out to be a common thing from post on the net. After 5 packs there is some visible ware on the outdrives already. The dogbones (drive shafts) are still in good shape. There have been a few nose dives off of jumps and such so to see the bumper components in tact is a good sign. The body has held up well against all the rolls and sliding of the truck on its roof. ;)

Now, this was my experience with the truck running as is out of the box (except for changing the radio). It will be interesting to see if tweaking it will make any difference. There are some upgrades like the ball differential and tires I would like to try out.

So, for $99 you get a lot of truck. It isn’t the greatest/best handling truck but it is far from the worst. The thing I like most about this truck so far is how different it is to drive. I can’t just floor it and expect it to respond to my whim (like a Slash 4×4 would). The Strike requires very deliberate control. Which is kind of neat and annoying at the same time! ;)

Post below about your experiences with the Losi Strike and what you’ve done to make it better!

5 thoughts on “Losi Strike: First Impressions

  1. Ldt777 says:

    WOW, Thats pretty cheap for that performance. I never had a Losi, but My friend has one and his runs really smoothly dirt or road.He mainly bashes Them :D . I’ll have to look into that truck if its that cheap.

  2. Allan says:

    IMO it makes a great basher! The price is certainly right! ;)

  3. Robert Wilson says:

    thanks for the post

  4. Tyler says:

    I completely dissagree the losi strike is worth 230 at my shop and is the best truck ive had most places say it compares to the slash 2wd it dominates the 2wd slash on the track any day go with the stike i love it(i dont even have lipo and it hits speeds of around 50)

  5. Russ says:

    I don’t think you can buy a strike anymore ! The XXX SCT Readylift is coming out in December.

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