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RC Nightmare Community Blog

LRP Speed Control Exchange Program Is Here

We are so pumped! Team Associated has rolled out their LRP exchange program.  This means you can now turn in any old speed control into Team Associated for a sick discount on a brand new LRP speed control.  There are two different models that you can choose from and the details are listed below.   The awesome thing about this program is you can take your old speed controls of literally any brand in any condition and upgrade to some top of the line stuff!  The speed control you get in exchange for your old crummy one is brand new and never been used, you are not even getting a refurbished item.  At first glance this deal looks amazing but keep reading to get the full report.

#LRP80750 Sphere TC Spec
MSRP: $259.99
Exchange price: $119.99

Sphere TC Spec Features:

  • 4 adjustable Modes: NiMH/LiPo, ADPCTM Power Profiles, Initial-Brake, And Automatic Brake
  • BEC Voltage: 5.8V/3.0A
  • Motor limit Brushed: 5 turns

    Team Associated Sphere

    Team Associated Sphere

  • Motor limit Brushless: 3.5 turns
  • Power-wire: 12g silicone wire
  • Max Voltage Input: 4-6 cells (4.8-7.2V)

#LRP80705 SPX Zero

MSRP: $249.99
Exchange price: $109.99

SPX Zero Features:

  • 6 power profiles: adjustability for all track conditions
  • BEC Voltage: 6V / 3A
  • Motor limit Brushless: 8.5T (at 7.4V)
  • Max Voltage Input: 3.7-7.4V
  • Power-wire: 12g silicone wire
  • Zero Boost Mode: For true stock racing

    Team Associated Zero

A Closer Look At The Deal:

If you are already sold you can click on the link above to get on board right away.  We will take a closer look at the pricing below.  The thing is when you look at the MSRP price of things the picture is good, just not as amazing as it looks.  You can pick up these speed controls up at a lot of places on the web, lets take a look.  These ESC’s are pretty awesome looking thats for sure and their performance is just as awesome.

LRP SPX Zero (click to view) $154.99 (Plus $13.00 Shipping)

SPX Zero Brushless Speed Control (Click To View) $159.99 (free shipping)

So you can see you are still saving about $45.00 using the upgrade program.  As far as the other speed control, the Sphere TC Spec, I couldn’t find it listed on Amain or on Amazon but I would suspect a similar savings.  I don’t think you are going to find a much better deal anywhere on the web at any time so if you are looking at racing spec and looking for a new speed control unit this is an amazing time for a little upgrade.  I am going to trade one in myself and put it in the Associated B4.1 I have laying in the basement that is still lacking a speed control and motor.

I have to say, I am pretty happy they rolled out this deal when they did, and if you are looking to upgrade your ESC and like to race stock now is the time and I wanted to let you all know.

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