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RC Nightmare Community Blog

New! Axial Wraith 4WD Rock Racer Review

Coming at ya with another new RC I heard about with some info and a quick review.

The Wraith

Recently, the RC Nightmare guys acquired an Axial SCX10 Trail Honcho and the Axial XR10 Crawler which Jeremy showed you in his unboxing videos and Axial SCX10 running video.  Well Jeremy and RCNightmare gave these RC’s some pretty good reviews and were really excited to get out and crawl with these bad boys.

So keeping on the Axial wave if you will of RC’s, I got wind of another new truck from them called a Rock Racer. It is actually a first for them and they’ve done it with the Axial Wraith RTR 1/10th scale electric 4WD Rock Racer. That’s a mouthful. I know because sometimes I talk when I write. Anyways, first glance – this thing looks really cool – kind of like a dune buggy almost but a lot sweeter.


This is the first and most realistic full tube-frame chassis design from Axial that is manufactured with high strength composite materials. I was confused at first to find the difference between this and our other two trucks. Now the key to this is it is different from a rock crawler. It’s a rock racer. This thing  is built to go fast – this is the biggest reason people like this better than a crawler. It can tackle terrain at higher speeds. They describe it as being a truck with 1:1 scale looks, high-speed monster truck “bashability,” and technical “crawl” capabilities.

The fact that its RTR is a plus for those of us who like to get it out of the box and play! Some of the other technical features are the 4-Link suspension, Optimized Steering Geometry, Protective Transmission Spur Gear Cover, Slipper Clutch, Waterproof Radio Box, High Performance Shocks, and there are plenty more that you can check out at The only thing I think is funny is that they totally promote the seats on the inside which I admit do add some realism to the RC. I guess you can put a GI Joe or Barbie in there and go for a ride.

Anyways, sounds really interesting to me and I’m hoping to see it in action. If any of you have any experience, thoughts, comments, post them below!!


12 thoughts on “New! Axial Wraith 4WD Rock Racer Review

  1. Chris says:

    This will sell pretty easily..

  2. reed says:

    i want you so bad

  3. Al says:

    Sweet, but can it crawl?

  4. Scott says:

    How is it’s crawling capability? Seems like a great mix of both, crawling and trail running.

  5. jeremy says:

    well…again, in our opinion there is really only one “true” crawler and that’s the XR10, there are a lot of good mixes though.

  6. geoff cleland says:

    Still waiting for mine to arrive here in Australia-but I want it NOW!

  7. Ben says:

    Do you know where to get it here in australia?

  8. Doug says:

    amazing truck, will buy another in a couple months so my friends wont be jealous and they can stop using mine, lol
    i will warn you some of the links are quite flimsy, dont try to do a tug-of-war on carpet against a rig with a 55-turn motor, it bends the links like there speggetti. but it still works amazing, best truck for scaling. will be upgrading the links in the next few weeks to get a bit more rigid suspension. BUY IT YOU WONT BE DISAPOINTED.

  9. mitch says:

    is the kit version easy to build for a 12 year old with a bit of rc experience

  10. Andy says:

    Bought one,less than a month old, had nothing but trouble,would not recommend to any one

  11. I bought one and took it apart to give it a custom paint job before running it. This thing has been through a few rough runs and its still running like a champ! Check out the custom paint job

  12. Jason says:

    Got one for Christmas has broke everytime me and my son try to drive it. If anyone buys one be sure and get alot of parts.

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