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RC Nightmare Community Blog

New From HPI Racing!

Another new release to get exciting about from HPI Racing:

Coming in 2011 from HPI is the new 1/5th scale Baja 5sc ready to run short course truck. This 2WD truck is ready to run with 2.4GHz radio system and 5SC-1 BODY. The Baja 5SC takes the HPI Baja line-up to the next level with this new body that gives the Baja 5SC authentic Short Course looks. Adding to the durability and realistic looks is a new skid-plate front bumper and a large rear bumper with real rubber mud flaps.  The Baja has a massive 26cc Fuelie engine that propels the Baja 5SC to speeds in excess of 40mph. It  is able to run for more than 45 minutes on a single tank of regular unleaded pump gasoline.The HB Rodeoo tires are now standard equipment, mounted on new TR-10 bead-lock truck wheels for improved traction. This bad boy also has Super Heavy Duty 9mm drive shafts, updated rear hub carriers, and HD front hex hubs.

2011 Baja 5sc

So the body that you see on this truck is a wide Short Course body. It’s more realistic than the Baja 5T body and it fits completely over the new wheels and tires, letting you take corners deep, run the competition wide coming out of the corner and bash it out like we like to! I mean, all these parts are Super Heavy Duty it just looks awesome. You can of course check it out on their website for more info but this thing is just packed with features.

5 thoughts on “New From HPI Racing!

  1. egyptsean says:

    i love the 5t and i would think that this is going to be just as great!!!

  2. News says:

    Good deal! Thanks for the input man

  3. sam says:

    that thing is a beast

  4. alex says:

    I think the 5sc will be cool but I feel that HPI just revamped a 5t body and different wheels. I think a totally new body or chassis buid would grab more attention. But having the same 5b/5t platform will definately mean parts are more widely available and hobby stores do not have to stock multiple 1/5 scale parts.

  5. [...] when I told you about the new HPI Baja 5SC? Well, if you don’t, go back and read it because now I have some wheels to show you for the [...]

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