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Cody King’s Special Edition Kyosho Inferno Buggy

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 | in News | 4 Comments

The Special Edition

Cody King is the young guy that was crowned the 2010 1/8 Off-Road Buggy World Champion in November. This is the most important title in RC racing and he has already achieved it in only his second World Championship race.  The Team Kyosho/Team Orion driver has been signed and re-signed and is not going anywhere soon. He should be at the top of RC for a long time. And how can you not like this kid!? If you do kind of keep up with racing or have seen him around the rc news world like I have, you’ll notice his dad is always by his side helping him out.

Well his dad Paul King wanted to commemorate his son Cody’s World Championship victory by doing something new and special with his Kyosho Inferno MP9 Buggy.

With his Dad and Kyosho drivers

Awwww! Sorry, I just think its cool that his dad supports him in his passion for RC to this level. So what did he do to the Inferno? Nothing was done to the actual inside of the car in terms of the engine and all that but he changed up the looks of it. Paul decided to anodize the aluminium parts red, which along with the yellow AKA rims and blue springs, match the racing colors of the World Champion perfectly. It looks pretty cool, at least I think so (you can just for yourself in the pictures). He will be hitting the track with it at this weekend’s Silverstate in Las Vegas. Check it out if you happen to be lucky and live in the Vegas Area.

I’ll keep you updated on how he does with it and the attention it gets at the track if I can so stay posted!


A look inside



Euro Offroad Series Final Update

Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 | in News | No Comments

What did I tell you! I could tell it was going to be a battle to the end between Cavalieri and Evans and it was.  It came down to Ryan Cavalieri and Dustin Evans in the Euro Offroad Series 4WD Buggy and 2WD buggy classes. And I now have some final results for you:

Top 3 4WD Buggy

Cavalieri of Team Associated brought home the crown in  the 4WD Buggy at the Euro Offroad Series Pilot Event after taking victory over Joern Neumann in the final race of the day. Like I said, Top Qualifier Dustin Evans of Team Losi Racing did make it into the top 3 drivers in this third A-Main with a chance of the title. However, before the first lap was even completed his challenge was over. He landed his buggy hard over the double at the Kyosho corner, breaking the front right wishbone and sadly, he was done for (in this race at least).

Cavalieri and Neumann, the former European Champion continued to go head to head for the win. Just as a challenge looked set to take place the German put his Durango in to the pipe.  A second mistake on the penultimate lap left Cavalieri to cruise to the win with Neumann, who finished third overall having tied with Evans on points, summing up the race by saying ‘I tried’. Well, he doesn’t sound too enthusiastic but he totally should be proud of himself. These other guys aren’t messing around.

Evans & Cavalieri

So, like I said, Evans was only done for in the 4WD buggy A-Main. He was the 2WD Buggy champion at the Euro Offroad Series pilot event after a great battle with…no one other than Ryan Cavalieri. It was not an easy win.  I guess Evans described this as one of the best 2WD battles he has every had. That is awesome. I love these guys! They really battled it out and put on a great show for all the fans. And what a perfect pilot event.

That’s all for the first year at the Euro Offroad Series. Hopefully, they will bring it back next year.

Euro Offroad Series RC Update

Posted on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 | in News | No Comments

I have talked about the Euro Offroad Series a bit in some previous posts and have been keeping up on some of the action and wanted to share it with you. I think it is a pretty cool series and I’ve seen a lot of news surrounding it on various websites. Here is an update of what is going on out there:

Dustin Evans of Team Losi Racing was the 4WD Buggy Top Qualifier for the Euro Offroad Series Pilot event today. Ryan Cavalieri was the only driver that could deny the Reedy Race of Champions winner’s pole position going in to the final round of qualifying.  Team Durango’s Joern Neumann put pay to that when he TQ’d Q5 to become the only driver to head the Americans in either buggy class.

Ryan Cavalieri, one of my favorites from Team Associated, said he made the wrong tire choice for the final qualifier but is confident his B44.1 is fast enough for the win tomorrow. Here were the results:

TLR Chief Spashett with Evans

4WD Buggy A-Main grid
1. Evans Dustin (US) – Losi – 0pts
2. Cavalieri Ryan (US) – Associated – opts
3. Neumann Jörn (DE) – Durango – 3pts
4. Martin Lee (GB) – Tamiya – 4pts
5. Ausfelt Otto (SE) – Tamiya – 9pts
6. Rheinard Marc (DE) – Tamiya – 9pts
7. Ronnefalk David (SE) – Kyosho – 12pts
8. Levin Oskar (SE) – Tamiya – 12pts
9. Hönigl Hupo (AT) – Durango – 12pts
10.Wilck Viktor (SE) – Tamiya – 14pts

Cavelieri was however the Top Qualifier in 2WD buggy, giving Team Associated  the honor of being the first manufacturer to TQ a Euro Offroad Series race which is what I like to hear. Ryan outpaced yesterday’s Q1 top qualifier Dustin Evans in all four of today’s rounds of heats with European Champion Lee Martin third on each occasion and this is how they will line up for tomorrow’s A-Main. Cavalieri described the day as perfect having had to do nothing with the set-up on his Orion powered Team Associated B4.1 all day but the 2 time World Champion says he expects a good race with Evans. Here were the results in 2WD buggy:

A proud Cavalieri

2WD Buggy A-Main grid
1. Cavalieri Ryan (US) – Associated – 0pts
2. Evans Dustin (US) – Losi – 2pts
3. Martin Lee (GB) – Tamiya – 6pts
4. Levin Oskar (SE) – Losi – 7pts
5. Hönigl Hupo (AT) – Durango – 8pts
6. Ronnefalk David (SE) – Kyosho – 9pts
7. Neumann Jörn (DE) – Durango – 9pts
8. Ausfelt Otto (SE) – Losi – 11pts
9. Bayer Martin (CZ) – Losi – 12pts
10.Johansson Mikael (SE) – Kyosho – 14pts

From these two examples and from some of the other classes I have read about, you can tell the Evans and Cavelieri are really battling it out and its pretty cool to see.  I like both Team Associated and Team Losi and its cool to see two guys from the US having great races in this series.

Traxxas is Racing to Put Children First

Posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 | in News | 1 Comment

Hey guys. Today I want to take a minute to recognize Traxxas for an amazing thing they are currently doing. There is an awesome cause that Traxxas is currently involved with in supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital in their quest to cure and prevent catastrophic diseases that strike children. They have joined with Amsoil, SPX and Ford to race the St. Jude Children’s Hospital Mustang FR500S in the SCCA World Challenge GTS class. The competition effort will raise awareness for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and encourage fans to show their support by making either donations or flexible pledges according to the number of laps lead, races won, or podium finishes in the World Challenge series.

Driver Eric Foss

Eric Foss has been selected to race the St. Jude’s/Traxxas/Amsoil/SPX Ford Mustang, had this to say:

“I’m looking forward to the competing in the World Challenge GTS class against some of the SCCA’s best road racers, and bringing the message about St. Jude Children’s Hospital to the fans. We hope our efforts will also encourage other teams to use racing to raise awareness for charitable organizations.”

Most of us race RCs as a hobby and don’t think to much about it. I go to expecting to see their newest cars and trucks, race results, and advertisements, but today was different. The fact that this thing we call a hobby is being taken to this level is awesome. It’s great that it has become such a large and profitable hobby that we are able to give back with it.

Here are some of the advancements St. Jude’s has made: In 1962, the survival rate for childhood leukemia was less than 5%; today, advances made by St. Jude Children’s Hospital have ensured a survival rate of 94%. Other strides include Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (7% survival in 1962; 85% today) and brain tumors (10% in 1962; 85% today). At St. Jude’s, no child is turned because of a family’s inability to pay, so the support that comes from donations is essential. That is really cool

If you have a few bucks to spare for something awesome that RC is a part of, you can make a donation on the Traxxas website.

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