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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Proof Were Giving Away RC Trucks

Here they are, the first round has arrived and its getting more and more difficult to not rip these things open and get to playing.  Spread the word and lets get these things given away as soon as possible.  Its awfully tempting!

SC Trucks For Giveaway

95 thoughts on “Proof Were Giving Away RC Trucks

  1. rcbeginner says:

    aw man those look great i really want the losi strike

  2. andersonwal says:

    Sweet!!!! I want one.

  3. jeremy says:

    just make sure to subscribe, hit the forum and tell all your friends to do the same so we can give one of these babies away.

  4. shayne says:

    hey how do i win one of these??????

  5. jeremy says:

    you need only subscribe to our youtube channel, post 10 times in the forum and comment in the blog. We will give it out when we reach 250 subscribers. Spread the word, the quicker we get there the sooner we can give it out.

  6. Terry says:

    If I were you guys I would have already ripped open the boxes and have them broken by the end of the day.

  7. jeremy says:

    lol yea but were actually really excited to give them away, we really love helping people and hope we can do it soon. Help us spread the word and make sure you are all qualified so you have a chance to win.

  8. Terry says:

    Is the Slash the 2.4GHz one?

  9. jeremy says:

    yes it is.

  10. Chris says:

    These are great trucks! I would love to win one of them.

  11. Chris says:

    I like both the blitz and SC10. Both are great!

  12. Chris says:

    Do I have to make 10 comments then answer a question on this blog?

  13. jeremy says:

    Yea man me too….make sure you spread the word so we can get to the 250 subscribers faster.

  14. jeremy says:

    its just one post on the blog and 10 forum comments, help spread the word to get there faster, we need to hit 250 subscribers on youtube then the truck gets given away

  15. jeremy says:

    me too! I still enjoy running my 4WD slash though.

  16. Chris says:

    How do yall determine who will get the trucks?

  17. jeremy says:

    once we reach 250 subscribers on you tube we will put all the usernames into a randomizer that selects one name. We will verify they have followed all the requirements and then contact via email. Help spread the word the sooner we hit 250 the sooner we give it away.

  18. Chris says:

    I’m spreading it around facebook and told them to spread it. I’m doing all I can to help ya’ll out.

  19. jeremy says:

    That is amazing news!!! We appreciate it, we hope you can snag one of these.

  20. Chris says:

    I hope I can get one too! BTW great website! I been checking it out.

  21. Chris says:

    Where is the blog, I’ve posted over ten comments on the forum. Now I just need to answer a question on the blog.

  22. jeremy says:

    this is the blog. You’re all set.

  23. Chris says:

    Oh, Thanks man! Sorry about that.

  24. hippie/chris says:

    this is rilly cool that you are doing this for people because car can be to much money and stuff like that would you be paying the shipping or are wee doing the ???? i like the hpi one and are these gas,nitro,ect

  25. hippie/chris says:

    this is a cool website like it

  26. hippie/chris says:

    i just sent a message to my hole phonebook about this website so we can re ch 250 so i your one of my friend can have one lol

  27. jeremy says:

    that is awesome! We hope they subscribe so we can give this first one away, its too tempting not too open!!!

  28. jeremy says:

    yea were hoping the word really spreads and we can help some people out.

  29. hippie/chris says:

    what do you guys think of exceed trucks and cars ????? because i have one i have the madstorm it pretty good i broke one of the pice not what it wuz good got it fix and im have fun whith it i got it at nitro for $300.

  30. hippie/chris says:

    what do you think of Electric car???? because i never had one or seen one that y im doing this so i can hope to see one or have one lol.

  31. jeremy says:

    We love them!! Easy to run, tons of fun.

  32. Chris says:

    These are all electric hippie/ chris.

  33. Terry (RCToThe3) says:

    What if the person you select in ineligible?

  34. jeremy says:

    Then we will pick another user.

  35. Rockit says:

    Thanks guys. It is fun helping getting a new site rolling. Thanks for the opportunity. I love being on the ground floor, good luck. Need a Crawlers Section.

  36. jeremy says:

    We really appreciate that. We super happy the word is spreading and we cannot wait to see thing thing take off.

  37. Mike says:

    so now that i reply to this im enter into the contest right

  38. jeremy says:

    well as long as you have subscribed and posted in the forum you are set.

  39. trevon says:

    my name is trevon cornwell i am 13 years old and i reall y wont one of those rc trucks because we bascically can’t afford any rc car and i recently posted another one on another blog but please rc night mare thats all i ask it would truly be a dream come true i’m not trying to be dramatic or anything but i just really want a rc truck it will be my first and more than likely my last so please and thank you for this oppurtunity anyway

  40. trevon says:

    and my mom is with me on this she is really praying that i win one she is with me every step of the way so thank you again

  41. trevon says:

    sorry about the time i meant to have it in eastern time didnt remember what time zone

  42. jeremy says:

    We are too! Help spread the word to make sure we get to the 250 subs asap.

  43. jeremy says:

    Great to hear! Check out our forum at We would love to learn more.

  44. Chris says:

    I need an rc truck because I want to get into racing!! It’s tempting seeing those trucks and having to wait!!

  45. man i want one of those trucks so bad

  46. man the waiting is so tempting

  47. Chris says:

    Tell all your friends so we can get to 250 subscribers!

  48. smokie says:

    well i really hope to win told all my friends and i want one bad thats the next thing i want to buy is a short course they are all 2wd corret? have you reviewed all before which is best i know thats hard to answer but i mean i wanna know weather i win one or not i know the slash will come with everything possibly needed and its probably the most expensive but i wanna know the most durable the most speed the most runtime the most power the most everything rate them all

  49. smokie says:

    i really hope to win one i want one bad thats the next thing i want to buy is a short course they ar e al l 2wd corret have you reviewed all before which one is best i know thats hard to answer but i want to know weather i win one or not i want to buy one i know the slash will come with everything probably needed and its probably the most expensive but i wanna know the most durable the most speed the most runtime the most power the most everythingrate them all

  50. jeremy says:

    The thing is there is no clear best, the slash is the strongest, the sc10 is likely the fastest..

  51. Giovanni says:

    Wow, that must be really tempting Jeremy just staring at them and not opening them.

  52. gavin says:

    are those gas or electric

  53. jeremy says:


  54. MIke says:

    Is this where you are thinking of posting the video’s?
    Will they be accessible on you tube? My stuff is all pretty old, one of those new trucks would be really cool.

  55. MIke says:

    Oh, I have a question, is there a way to put a photo to the left of your name or an Avatar instead of the box that’s there?

  56. Quay says:

    i hope i can get my hands on one those sc trucks that would be really awesome. and your website is the best rc website i have been on and i also like your unboxing vids.

  57. jeremy says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, we hope you win too!

    Help spread the word so we can get to the 250 subscribers we need as fast as possible :)

  58. Quay says:

    which 2wd sc truck do you like the best?

  59. jeremy says:

    I really like the kyosho

  60. poe says:

    wuz up jeremy

  61. Jay says:

    I seemed to have lost my blog post. Anyway, I would like a slice of Slash, please!

  62. hellbound says:

    cant wait to see who wins it hopfully it meee………

  63. ToddFerguson52 says:

    I chould always use another Slash…

  64. Parker says:


  65. ltpfootball44 says:

    does this count for a blog post for the contest?

  66. Jimmy says:

    Hah. All be.

  67. Shea al'Thor says:

    Wow this is completely awsome!

  68. ZZRguy says:

    Thank you for the great offer. There is a lot great advice on here.

  69. oldmanracer says:

    It appears this site is off to a good start,I hope it does well. And winnin a new truck not bad ether.Thank’s

  70. justin says:

    i like the traxxas slash i use to have the t-maxx but it got stole it from my garge i wish to get the traxxas slash hope i get one

  71. justin says:

    hi jeremy what do you have to do to win the traxxas slash or kyosho ultima 2DW RTR

  72. jeremy says:

    just follow the rules located here

  73. jeremy says:

    wow that sucks, you know I hear a lot about people getting their RC’s stolen. That is terrible.

  74. jeremy says:

    Thanks for the kind words.. Yea were off and running with the goal of being the singular source for RC news & support on the web

  75. jeremy says:

    glad we can help, spread the word! :)

  76. jeremy says:

    you bet it is! :)

  77. jeremy says:

    lol well I suppose but you should really comment on something else and add some thoughts.

  78. jeremy says:

    me too!

  79. jeremy says:

    nothing like a Parts Truck!

  80. jeremy says:

    gotta say its the SC10 for racing and the slash for bashing

  81. Steven says:

    Jeremy! your subscribe rate on youtube is very poor. I suggest more advertising and keep those videos coming!!!
    Ill tell everyone i know who is into rcs to subscribe!
    Love the forum and site.

  82. Steven says:

    Jeremy how do you make a living?

    especially giving away all these rcs??

  83. Handara says:

    any body win yet ??

  84. jeremy says:

    we gave one away at 250 subs…we are only 90 away from the next one.

  85. jeremy says:

    I am an internet millionaire (jk)….I actually started and own Be Your Own IT, another website that supports me

  86. jeremy says:

    well I am not sure really how to fix that…and I am not sure what you mean more advertising…

  87. SportFury says:

    How cool is this
    Just sent out 47 emails ;-}

  88. jeremy says:


  89. Grant says:

    I so want a Slash

  90. jj says:

    come on i want a new rc. my other one broke the frame in two

  91. jack 22 says:

    are these exspensive

  92. Sam says:

    who won the car at 500 subs

  93. phil says:

    im interested in the slash, would be nice to win, but i think i will be buying one for my stepson

  94. Rj echols says:

    I Wis you could get more!!!! I WANT ONE

  95. chickenhawklnc says:

    I still want one. I would even take the losi. Now ill be eligible to get it. I forgot that i had to post here to be in the running!

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