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RC Nightmare Community Blog

RC Nightmare Live Event Coming

Yes Kiddies!!! RC NightMare is launching the first (we think) live webcast of a build of a Team Associated SC10 4X4 complete with all Associated Electronics! Watch along, build along, hang out and hit up our Q&A!

Please Help Us Spread The Word By Liking This on Facebook & Sharing With Your Friends!

Oh Yea and FREE STUFF!

We will update this list as the sponsors keep rolling in but right now we will be giving away

Current Items For GiveAway:
10- RCNightMare T-Shirts
5-Nimh 3000Mah Batteries

Goodies From HobbyPartz

Motors From Team Associated:
13T double
11T double

1 – REEDY Nimh Receiver pack battery for nitro cars/truck/buggies
1 – AE t-shirt
2pr – LRP Kamikaze Tire with Insert, soft compound
2pr – LRP Suicide Tire with Insert, soft compound
2pr – LRP Suicide Tire with Insert, super soft compound

Goodies From Amain Hobbies
ProTek R/C batteries
Charger and Power Supply

Goodies From Proline
(working on this now)

Goodies From Jconcepts:
(working on this now)

Sign Up Below & Tell Your Friends!!

12 thoughts on “RC Nightmare Live Event Coming

  1. simon says:

    hi i would love to participate in the live event but i do not understand how you can win or prove you are watching and get free stuff
    thank you

  2. joshua says:

    how do i watch the live web cast

  3. admin says:

    rsvp on facebook and next week you will get the link

  4. prc hobby says:

    HobbySM is specializing in B2C, which mainly focus on providing RC lovers with lipo battery(rc batteries) online shopping with best prices and greatest benefits, and supply popular li-po battery for RC helis and RC cars.

  5. Jon R says:

    So while the sc10 4×4 build video is happening you guys will give away stuff at the same time or will there be a separate video for that?

  6. colin says:

    how do you get the prize do they send you a e mail to give you the details on how to get your prize?

  7. colin says:

    because i did not get a link yet have they sent them out

  8. colin says:

    and i have rsvped

  9. admin says:

    If you would like to advertise on our site just email me at….no spammy posts :)

  10. colin says:

    im just trying to figure this out can some one answer my question please

  11. Ethan says:

    Colin, they sent out a message over facebook to those who RSVP’d giving the details. Basically, your name will be entered (up to 2 times) for every hobby shop or track you rate on this site, and every time (unlimited) for every new hobby shop or track you add to the list. When you do either of these things, you provide your email so they can contact you.

  12. Gene Taglialavore says:

    RC Paint by Tag at
    are my Facebook rc photos.

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