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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Sharing Your RC Passion With Those In Need

Okay, so it’s time to get a little serious with ya. Today I was browsing around on the internet, thinking of what I wanted to write about today. Being the holiday season, the thought of giving and charity came to my mind. I know, I’m a total sap during the holidays. But growing up, my parents always took me with them to volunteer during the holiday’s and there’s a reality check that you gain from that more than anything else. As much as I don’t like to think about it, some families can’t afford to give their kids cool toys or even a good meal for Christmas.

So I came across a few amazing events that let drivers/hobbyist’s race for a cause and I had to give some shout outs:

  • HobbyTown USA hosts annual charity races in a variety of locations so definitely check out your local HobbyTown to see if they participate. If not, encourage them to start an annual event.
  • I came across one on hosting a charity race to help 3 primary schools in Taiping earn money for supplies.
  • A local Clearwire held an RC race for their employees in order to support families in their area.
  • Do a Google search and you may find others in your specific area.

Some other options:

  • Check with your local hobby shops to see if they would be interested in hosting or sponsoring an event.
  • This one is from personal experience where I used to volunteer – you can donate an RC to a local toy charity such as Toys for Tots ( or Christmas Clearing Council and a family can have something awesome to give their kids on Christmas. Get some of your friends together to purchase one. Price doesn’t matter.
  • Ask your company to sponsor an RC event and recruit some racers in your area – it will give your company recognition as well.

Unfortunately, many of the race events take place earlier in the year so they can organize the funds for their charity. But I just wanted to bring this up so that when next Christmas comes along, or any holiday really, we can think about using what we have to help others. And its never too late to donate something to a family in need or create your own event.

If you have experience with this or have a charity even to share, please share it with us below!

A Suprised & Happy Child

3 thoughts on “Sharing Your RC Passion With Those In Need

  1. Kenneth J says:

    This is a great blog, as you are absolutely right when it comes to a huge reality check when one complains about not having enough cash to get so and so parts, there are some out there without a nickel to love. So next time you can help someone, do it, one day it might be you.

  2. News says:

    Thanks for the input!

  3. [...] Donation You can give away those extra bits. Some tracks have a ‘donations’ box where you can drop off your working equipment for other people to make use of. These will help out someone who needs a quick fix or someone who isn’t fortunate enough to have the latest and greatest. Or give to someone you know who could make use of the stuff. The best thing is if it could help someone have some more fun with the hobby. [...]

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