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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Slash 4×4 is Easier to Disassemble

So I did some upgrades to the Traxxas Slash 4×4 the other day – replacing the stock a-arms and upgrading rear bearing carriers to some RPM parts – and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy a process it was.

Granted, once you’ve done a few disassemblies/ upgrades the process becomes routine and quite straight forward for your truck. But if you have had to work on a few different trucks you would soon realize that there are some differences from one truck to the next. The Slash 4×4, compared to our other short course trucks, was quite a bit easier to take apart.


For instance, there are only 4 screws to remove the whole front assembly and another 4 screws to remove the whole rear assembly from the chassis.  This compared to 9 screws to remove the front and 8 screws to remove the rear assemblies of a Blitz. Not that having to remove more screws is that much more difficult it just simplifies things when there are fewer parts to deal with and coordinate – considering that these screws can be of different lengths too.

You will also save time by having to undo and redo fewer screws which is great for minimizing down time when you have to you have to adjust or fix something.


Keeping with the theme of fewer parts, the pins that hold the bearing carriers to the a-arms have a threaded section at the end that goes directly into the arm. This is a nice touch when you consider most other set ups have a straight pin which is held in place with a captive screw. The downside to the threaded pin is that it may be harder to reuse the part for some other application since it is such a specialized part. ;)

So basically, Traxxas has gone with a minimalist approach when it comes to the number of fasteners needed and the payoff is apparent. Now, the fewer parts may imply that the truck isn’t as durable but this is not the case. The Slash 4×4 is one of the most durable trucks we have considering all the bashing we’ve done with it!

Whatever your truck, a must have upgrade (for maintenance purposes) is from the standard Allen wrenches to a good set of drivers. These will save your fingers much agony!! :)

3 thoughts on “Slash 4×4 is Easier to Disassemble

  1. OffRoadAdventure94 says:

    Very easy

  2. dizzyinzo says:

    yeah i do have to agree with what Jeremy has said he. i have or in the process of selling my slash 4×4 and to get into the diffs takes like 6min which is a life saver for when ur at the track and u need to do last minuet tunes and such. and also i think the he drivers are more important then a lipo battery and brushless system

  3. Scott says:

    x3. It is a very easy truck to disassemble. Takes no time at all!

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