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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Slash 4X4 Upgrades That Changed My Life

I have been running my new slash 4X4 for about 2 months now. At first I starting out basically bashing, and throwing in 3S Lipo batteries and racing the night away.  After I found the local track and got into racing I realized pretty quickly that I needed a lot of new upgrades.

The slash is an amazing truck right out of the box and I am so happy I bought it but after trying to compete with even the most novice racers at the track I realized I had to step my game up.  I had purchased the RTR model so I didn’t have any of the upgraded aluminum parts, not that those really help you out at the track but I wanted you to know where I was starting out.  Below are all the upgrades I did and the ratings of impact they had on my race experience.

New Tires:

The slash right out of the box has tires that are totally fine for ripping up the back yard and for flying around on the road, they have a lot of value in that sense.  For a dirt track however, you’re not going to be so satisfied, this is why I upgraded to 4 new JConcepts Double Dee’s and immediately noticed a difference in terms of traction and fun level at that track.


New Servo:

The next upgrade I did for my slash was to upgrade that laggy steering servo.  There are two main advantages of upgrading this and they are response time and strength.  I dumped the old stock servo and upgraded to the team associated steering servo that threw over 200 ounces of torque and never looked back.  I noticed immediately that I was able to turn much better at much higher speeds.  It took racing to a new level of competition for me and a new level of fun.


Center Differential:

The third upgrade I did, all in the same day actually was to move up to the high performance center differential.  This upgrade was around $70 or so but wow what a difference for a 4X4.  In a way the upgrade was a little spoiled because I upgraded both the servo and the differential at the same time so I didn’t realize the upgrade individuially but as far as the transfer of power, and the overall acceleration improvement I would consider this almost a must for anyone looking to race their slash 4X4.


New Shocks:

The second or third time I hit the track I decided to drop the $80 on the upgraded shocks for the slash, something that comes in the ultimate edition, the one I SHOULD of bought.  I thought all the bottom outs I was having would go away with this pretty simple upgrade.  The fact was I realized it was more to do with my driving style and the shock oil weight than anything else.  Sure I liked the upgrade but I bet I wouldn’t of felt like I needed them if I had just upgraded the shock oil right away.

Impact: Small

New Shock Oil:

A short sweet $5 upgrade that made an absolutely huge change.  Going from the stock shock oil which is somewhere around 30WT up to 50WT in front and 60WT in rear changed the way I was able to race.  I could be more aggressive with jumps and attack the triples with no fear.  At one point it was bottoming out so bad it would flip.  This was one of the things I should of done first thing.  Huge impact for so little cash, it made racing a lot more fun too.

RPM Bumper & Skid Plate:

In an easy upgrade I went to the RPM front bumper and rear.  Sure it looks neat but it was a huge upgrade from stock.  Can’t say it really had much of an affect on the way I race though.  It’s cool that they will last longer but that is about it for me.

Impact: Small

Spektrum Receiver & Radio:

The last upgrade we did was going to the high end reciever and radio.  I didn’t notice a huge difference in terms of the slash specifically.  The 2.4Ghz system Traxxas gave was actually fine for me.  That said from an expandability standpoint it was awesome.

Impact: Small

So which upgrades matter?  I guess you can decide, what I can say is if you are low on cash make sure you upgrade that steering servo, throw some new tires on there and upgrade the shock oil.  Those were the three most important upgrades I did.  Hope this helps.

9 thoughts on “Slash 4X4 Upgrades That Changed My Life

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks, I’ve just recently got back into the sport, my cars and equipment are all old. That being said I now have a good idea how to make them more competitive without spending a bunch of cash right off. Thanks Mike

  2. n8 says:

    the servo is a big game changer for shure

  3. batman says:

    and the center diff

  4. Dizzyinzo says:

    Wow you did everything I did on my slash 4×4 but i didn’t put the rpm bumpers on I put rpm a arms on it instead.( great minds tink alike)

  5. hellbound says:

    hay thanks i did the shocks and shock oil up grade and it worked

  6. ToddFerguson52 says:

    Great tips… pretty much the same set up for me as well. One more cheap upgrade to share is Traxxas changed the clear drive shaft cover. The new one covers the entire shaft now so rocks/dirt clods won’t fall into the hole above the center diff or slipper clutch shaft.

  7. ZZRguy says:

    Thanks for the tips. I new to RC’s and these tips help me out a great deal.

  8. [...] an arm and a leg.  However I did really love those upgrades after a while and even wrote about the traxxas slash upgrades [...]

  9. Johnny B says:

    What model servo did you upgrade to

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