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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Standard Connectors For The Win!

This past weekend we spent some quality time ‘testing’ our short course trucks :) . It was a blast doing the drag races and jumps but our fun was cut short when one of the trucks ESC’s blew up :( .

When you have 7 trucks in stock condition it becomes some kind of task to coordinate between what radios belong to what truck and what the driving style of that particular truck is like. To add another complication to the whole thing, the trucks used 4 different types of battery connectors! Now, since our stock of batteries were of the venom type that come with adaptors for the different connectors we kept the trucks battery connector stock and swapped out the adaptors when it came to juicing up a different truck.

This worked out well until we got a bit careless and plugged an adaptor into one of the batteries in the wrong orientation :s…. as you can guess this was the cause of the ESC blow up. Considering all the stories on the web about lipos exploding we were lucky there did not appear to be any damage to our Lipo!

The lesson of the day here is then: Pay Very Close Attention To Your Polarity When Handling Power!! An oversight could easily ruin your day. Another lesson is to use a standard connector!

It is handy to be able to use various adaptors to have any manufactures battery fit another connector type but you now have one more thing to keep in mind when setting up. Electrics are pretty straight forward but extra steps are just asking to be skipped over. Switching to a connector standard for your equipment will remove this unnecessary step and simplify the process. There is a cost to switching out connectors but the convenience it well worth it.

Until the manufactures decide to all use the same type of connectors we will be switching all our trucks and batteries to using Deans Ultra Plugs. Any of the other connector types would work fine too – the key is to decide on a connector standard and stick to it!

Check out our soldering how to if you want some pointers for soldering.

4 thoughts on “Standard Connectors For The Win!

  1. OffRoadAdventure94 says:

    Definately agree with that!

  2. tsteege says:

    Deans are the only way to go. I like to put some JB Weld at the stress points as well.

  3. bonestock says:

    Dude I love this blog

  4. batman says:

    +1 deans they seem to be the smallest and durable

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