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T-Shirt Winners

Chad R
Kevin Lesac
Casey Santos
Jeff Zotter
david may
Chris Brown
nancy skrzypiec
Chris Green
Jeff Zotter
William Paugh
David S
Giovanni Petruzziello
Chad Oliver
devon hood
Jason Owens
Brian sleytownmafia

12 thoughts on “T-Shirt Winners

  1. Eric Rockwell says:

    If we won how do we contact?

  2. colt says:

    freekin awsome

  3. colt says:

    how do we claim

  4. colt says:

    o my god im like stressin out here how do you claim
    your prize

  5. Chris Green says:

    That is just great that I won a T-shirt I never win anything . A XXL will fit just great

  6. jacob says:

    i dont think i was not in on this vote help

  7. Colin says:

    who won the other prizes

  8. Chad Rotruck says:

    Whoo Hoo. I won a shirt. How do I claim prize?

  9. lonny5115 says:

    just wondering who won what?

  10. RC Nightmare says:

    Hey guys if you need to claim a prize contact us through youtube, facebook, or on the forum. Thanks!

  11. down (reject scaler) says:

    hi rcnightmare iv emailed you about my prize to no reply can you please tell me what is going on ? and hope all is well.

  12. Colt says:

    I’m wondering which Colt it was that won the t-shirt because i’ve been thinking it was me since the event.

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