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RC Nightmare Community Blog

The Importance of Hobbies

We all know we race RC’s or bash RC’s because it is fun and we enjoy it. Just check our some of our RC Bashing Footage and you’ll see how much fun we have. But there are actually other reasons why hobbies like ours are important in our lives. Here are some of the biggies:

Hobbies are often thought of as activities for people who lead quiet, relaxed lives with plenty of time they need to fill. However, people with full, busy, even stressful lives may need hobbies more than the average person, and benefit greatly from having hobbies in their lives. One of the biggest benefits that hobbies provide are a way to relieve stress. If you are stressed out from your job, hobbies like racing RC’s can provide something to look forward to after work and great stress outlet.

Some people who feel overwhelmed or have stressful days at work choose to recover from that by going right to bed or by sitting on the couch. I know when I do this, the thoughts from the day continue to whirl around in my head and I still feel overwhelmed. Studies show people who are in stressful jobs that normally contribute to burnout feel less of a need to ‘recover’ from their day at bedtime if they have more physical or social leisure activities that aren’t work-related— aka more hobbies like RC. In this study, those who had a need to ‘recover’ at bedtime were more likely to suffer from negative health and wellness outcomes like psychosomatic complaints and fatigue. In other words , hobbies can help buffer the effects of a stressful job, and mitigate factors that contribute to burnout. That’s huge!

On the other hand, some people don’t have much stress in their lives and may need something to keep them motivated and keep their brain working. In this case, a hobby provides that activity they may need to stay active and healthy.

Amazingly, hobbies can provide health benefits as well which is awesome! One study found that those who engage in physical leisure activities for at least 20 minutes once a week are less susceptible to fatigue. Other research found that enjoyable activities performed during leisure time were associated with lower blood pressure, total cortisol, waist circumference, and body mass index, and perceptions of better physical function. Such activities were also correlated with higher levels of positive psychosocial states and lower levels of depression and negative affect.

One of the other main benefits I see in hobbies is that you get to meet great people who share the same passion as you. You may have friends who don’t understand the time you spend with your RC hobby and that may frustrate you, but people at the track are just as enthused as you are. These friends can help you with your problems with your RC or answer any questions you may have and vice versa.

So keep doing what you do in this awesome hobby and keep me posted on any other benefits you get from your RC Hobby!!

6 thoughts on “The Importance of Hobbies

  1. RCSparks says:

    Wow… what a great article. Truly well thought out and delivered a great message. You nailed it with “sitting on the couch – yet my day continues to bother me”. I find the hobby is an amazing escape into a creative world, where everything elese takes a backseat.

    Thanks for an article that is truly helping the RC Community. :-)

  2. jeremy says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Daven(fkn_smurf) says:

    so true!!!!! but sometimes i get so frustrated i hobby away from a hobby lol and the hobby chain beggins

  4. Daven(fkn_smurf) says:

    oops i meant to say “i need a hobby away from a hobby”

  5. dizzyinzo says:

    well with me Rc comes before a job. i am 15 so i dont get a job in like a year. but the only reason ill get a job is for my future rc8e with tekin rc8 brushless system with a lipo charger that can charge dual lipos and run it on 6s

  6. batman says:

    can i claim my hobby on my taxes under medical, stress relief and keeps me sain

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