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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Track Etiquette

When you head out to the track to get a little practice or just a little fun racing in there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind if you want to keep everyone happy. People go to the track for a wide variety of reasons, everything from serious practice to simple socialization with like minded people. If you want to have a strong reputation at the track, get the help you need, and keep other people happy you need to follow a little advice.

Helping Out

If your track is anything like ours there isn’t a full time Marshall in staff.  Sure there are people there on race day but during practice you’re picking up your own wrecks.  What we like to do is spend a little time doing both racing and helping out.  Sure, you go there to race, and maybe you plan ahead and have 5 precharged lipo batteries but it still pays to take a little time off and help.  We usually burn up a battery or two, then while we charge them back up we try to post out on the track for a little bit and help out our fellow racers.

Another way you can help out is ask if your local track needs some help, maybe on a weekend or something.  Maintaining a track, especially something like a dirt track takes a lot of work and if they can get a little help it will go a long way in terms of goodwill.

Understanding Other People

When your standing on the platform with 10 other people you can bet there are a lot of different reasons that brought them to the track that night.  Maybe one person is working on lap times, and another is working out the kinks in a new suspension, and maybe 2 of them are best friends who had a few beers and head to the track.  Either way people all have a right to be there when they pay their entry fee.  It helps if you keep this in mind when you are there for whatever reason you may be.

Try to be understanding of other people and it is going to go a long way.  Maybe that means if you are there just messing around that you stay out of the way of the guys working on laptime, maybe it means if you are there working on a new suspension that you wait until the field thins a little bit before heading out.  When you practice this sort of patience and understanding you are going to make a lot more friends than enemies at your local track.

Wrapping It Up

The real take-away here is that people head to the track for a lot of different reasons, if you are new to the track , or want to make sure you get a long with everyone you will want to make sure you take your time to be considerate of others and be the cool guy at the track.

4 thoughts on “Track Etiquette

  1. archrob25 says:

    Besides getting practice in at the track, you can get some of the best advice and tricks from track veterans. Flipping over a few cars can make you some good friends.

  2. jeremy says:

    Yea I learned that the hard way, people at the track can be awesome.

  3. Jon says:

    Yes especially the older crowd that have a lot of experience in rc.

  4. Dizzyinzo says:

    I don’t get out to the track a lot. Because it really expensive to rave so when I do it’s a blast. Personaly I like to turn marshall I give me a chance to watch the car up close with getting in the way of the driver.and also the guys at my track are really nice even the owner, because all of them are there to have fun not to make money

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