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Traxxas Ford Mustang Boss 302 Info & Review

New from Traxxas is the 1/16 Boss 302 Ford Mustang – Ford’s iconic muscle car, with Velineon brushless power. The Mustang is an unmistakable car; it’s design and history is infamous. Even if you don’t like Ford, you can’t deny that this car has been capturing car enthusiast’s hearts for over 40 years! Don’t hate on the Mustang! The crazy thing about it is it is affordable as well. I personally love Mustang’s – maybe its the rebel in me. They came out in the 60′s when young people were starting to rebel and wanted nothing to do with the cars their parents were driving. To see the design brought to an RC is pretty sweet.

1964 Ford Mustang

So Traxxas’s new Mustang Boss 302 was officially licensed by Ford and is RTR with actuated coil-over shocks, full-time 4WD, and unmistakable Mustang style. Those shocks are the award-winning rocker actuated coil-over suspension system originally developed for the Traxxas Revo, now tuned for high-performance road racing right down to the oil-filled, threaded-body GTR shocks and progressive-rate springs.The Boss 302 hits 30 mph out of the box and can hit  50+ mph with upgrades to the pinion gear, additional battery, and speed connector. I would probably recommend those upgrades as usual if you are anywhere above a beginner. I mean, if you don’t drive a Mustang fast, whats the point right?

The Mustang comes with the Traxxas 2.4ghz High Output radio system with Traxxas Link™, which stores settings for up to 20 Traxxas Link-enabled models, with no naming or “model memory” settings required. Pretty convenient I would say – all you do is power up up the transmitter and the model you want to drive, and the settings for that model are dialed in immediately.The Boss 302 is of course waterproof like most of Traxxas’s products.

I like Traxxas, and I like Mustangs so I think this is a cool car. Any feedback, post below!


4 thoughts on “Traxxas Ford Mustang Boss 302 Info & Review

  1. ZZRguy says:

    I just got one of these. I love it, they very fast.

  2. traxxasfan says:

    will the car do wheelies when it is set for 50mph?

  3. RCDriftMaster says:

    great stock drift car for the price

  4. Alex says:

    Awesome car, very fast and fun, good bang for the buck

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