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RC Nightmare Community Blog

Traxxas Now Shipping Castle Systems To Fix Spartan OverHeat

Well guys, I think you all remember how we didn’t have any issues with our Traxxas Spartan RC Boat overheating. We even went on video to tell you all that, and to this date we never did have an issue with it. However, we did have a water proof issue with it, one causing the esc to burst into flames after just ten or so packs. From what we can tell, it was some sort of short circuit in the esc. That said, its off to Traxxas to be repaired free of charge so were fine with that.

Traxxas Making A Mends With Castle Creations
I have been seeing the next set of Traxxas Spartans, the ones that have been repaired and I have to say, I am actually pretty pumped to get mine back for one reason. I cracked open a friends he just got back and it was a brand new Castle Creations brushless motor and brand new Castle Creations electronic speed control! My guess, is Traxxas will just begin shipping the Spartan with this new power system, complete with a small price increase. Had I been given the option to have a castle power system running my Spartan when I bought it I would of gladly paid a few extra bucks.

The Trouble With The Spartan Overheating:

What I think happened is, they outsourced the manufacturing of their original motor, with obvious results, massive amounts of Traxxas Spartan boats failing, they saw the long term problems and bit the bullet and gave it to someone who knows what they are actually doing! After speaking with the local track, there has been about a 3-4 week turnaround time on the repairs and a variety of issues they are needing to resolve. I wonder however, will people be able to turn in their non-defective Spartan Motors and ESC’s for the castle upgrades?

The Lighter Side Of Traxxas Repairing The Spartan:
All complaining aside I have to say I am pretty pumped to get mine back, which will take about two weeks I am sure and while I am not exactly happy it was shipped with clearly sub-par electronics I commend Traxxas for biting the bullet, and making the correction for people. I get a lot of flack for not bashing more RC products, being too positive about our RC reviews but the honest truth is, I am just able to see most sides of the argument. I am not super happy about sitting on the sidelines for the past few weeks but I am so very excited to get this beast back in the water powered by castle.

If you have any questions about our Traxxas Spartan, its overheating, or the subsequent repair by traxxas feel free to post that below.

5 thoughts on “Traxxas Now Shipping Castle Systems To Fix Spartan OverHeat

  1. XXGG says:

    That is a great news to hear that Traxxas will be using Castle Creations ESC+Motor.
    Could you tell us exactly which model of ESC & Motor?

    Also, starting immediately all Spartan will ship with Castle system ?

  2. jeremy says:

    No idea if they will switch, my gut says they will, along with a slight price increase…which would be worth it.

  3. nick says:

    Now alls they need to do is send out mini erevo esc’s lol =P

  4. danny says:

    need to know where to send my spartan I only ran it ones and it burned up


  5. Tom says:

    I used my Spartan about 10 times running two lipos within Traxxas specs and cooked the Castle Esc. Traxxas is now repairing it for me. Needless to say it was disappointing. I know running that much current can cause parts to fail, but I hope the repair lasts a little longer. It was a pretty spectacular explosion for the record!

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